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  1. It's amazing... Blue Note has been reissuing some of their best titles under their Tone Poet imprint. Stunning quality and perfect pressings...all of them!
  2. in no particular order - 1) Brittney Howard - Jaime 2) Freddie Gibbs and Madlib - Bandana 3) Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow 4) Big Thief - UFOF and Two Hands 5) Bill Callahan - Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest 6) William Tyler - Goes West 7) Vampire Weekend - Father of the Bride 8) Jeff Tweedy - Warmer 9) Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains 10) Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Ghosteen Reissues: 1) REM - Monster 2) Joe Henderson - State of the Tenor (and all of the Tone Poet reissues from Blue Note) 3) Prince - 1999
  3. I bought GA tickets this morning - this festival comes highly recommended from some friends who have gone every year. $140 for both days is a steal for this type of festival and the terrific line up Shovels and Rope have assembled - this Platinum Pearl package thing is really ridiculous, however... Have never been to Charleston - gonna make a full week of it and hit up Savannah as well!
  4. This is all wrong... it's a real misread from the band about what they think SS fest-goers want on the Friday night. Frankly, I wasn't expecting something out of this world - was kinda hoping for the Friday and the Saturday to be repeat-free shows with a few deep cuts. I haven't seen the band since the last Solid Sound so I am craving two big Wilco shows. 5 to 10 songs, as has been said, could take up to an hour of the show. Gonna try to join the glass is half full club on this one as I am still going for sure.
  5. Angelique Kidjo brought her Talking Heads "Remain In Light" tour to Burlington this evening for a sold out show at the Flynn Center. This was one of very best shows I have seen in a very long time. Angelique has that similar quality to her that Mavis Staples has -- you just want to be in her presence...listening...watching...and soaking up all of the love! She's an amazing performer with a voice that possess huge range and brilliance. The band is sensational. The arrangements of the Talking Heads songs are superb and all of the players have extraordinary chops. I think this is toward the end of her touring on this album, but if she comes your way -- don't sleep on it. Go! Here's the set list as played: Instrumental with Percussion Solo Born Under Punches Crosseyed and Painless Cauri (Kidjo Original) Listening Wind The Great Curve The Overload Pata Pata (Miriam Makeba) Houses In Motion Afrika (Kidjo Original) Once In A Lifetime Tumba (Cover) ________________________________ Burning Down the House (from Speaking in Tongues)
  6. Thanks for tip - I watched this last night... also, it's streaming for free on Amazon for those who are Prime members. I really enjoyed it. The concert footage is excellent - it's an amalgam of all three nights from The Power Station. And, there is ton of songs that include the Wilco boys playing in a variety of set ups with the other musicians. Highlights include an incredible version of At Least That's What You Said and Reservations. Also, a killer version of Fake Plastic Trees with Jeff bringing amazing warmth and beauty to the song. After the song ends - Jeff thanks Ed O'Brien and Phil Selway for "allowing him to sing the song" and then calls it "one the greatest songs ever." I was also reminded of just how talented the Finn family is -- Neil's voice is simply gorgeous on every song he sings and Liam is not too shabby either. For those of you who caught this run Auckland -- you were witness to something very rare and special. Well worth watching!
  7. A really enjoyable evening at the Corona Theatre in Montreal last night... Jeff/Wilco always seem to play really well in this great city, and if memory serves, this is the first time that either Jeff or Wilco has played this amazing old theatre across the street from Joe Beef which is one of the very best restaurants in Canada -- perhaps all of N. America? Jeff spent the better part of the evening playing his 1931 Martin, which he reminded the crowd that he used on every recording since the Mermaid Avenue sessions. He continued to tell the story of the "big bust" at the Canadian border. A woman on the floor asked how they got released, and Jeff quipped that he told the border agents that he could play any Neil Young song with his hands tied (or in this case, cuffed) behind his back :-) Another nice bit from the banter corner came when he asked the audience which Wilco record had not had any songs played from it to that point in the show (answer - Sky Blue Sky) This, of course, turned into a free for all of requests coming from the audience. The final request -- predictably, Free Bird -- was yelled out... Jeff stared him down with a smile and called for Security. There were a few more moments of quality banter -- he discussed developing his own "persona" over the last thirty years of performing, and Wilco having no hit songs that needed to be played every night... I'll let others chime in here. One final observation -- Jeff's solo shows seem to be a good four or five songs shorter on this tour than usual... not a complaint (okay, a little bit of complaining), but 21/22 songs are not quite enough for these ears. Looking forward to the Higher Ground show next Tuesday. HG is celebrating its 20th Anniversary all month long so it should be a real good time... if you're going (and like very drinkable Session IPAs) grab one (or more, if you're not driving) of the just released Zero Gravity HG20. Way yummy! Here's the set list as played: Via Chicago Bombs Away I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Ashes of American Flags New Song - First Time Played (gorgeous song) Hummingbird Remember the Mountain Bed New Madrid Locator Laminated Cat Bull Black Nova Passenger Side Noah's Flood Jesus Etc. I'm the Man Who Loves You ----------------------------------------------------------- Misunderstood California Stars Impossible Germany Kamera Shot in the Arm
  8. Yo La Tengo came through Burlington last night, and as always, really delivered the goods. No opening act and two amazing sets with a great three song encore... This is my tenth time seeing this band over many years and they never disappoint. A wonderful and dreamy first set of "quiet songs" and a deep and dizzying second set of "loud songs," which is such a great way to see them play their music. They played eight songs from their new record "There's A Riot Going On" and the rest were a smattering of their song book from a range of records spanning their entire career. A truly enjoyable evening... Here's the set list as played: You Are Here She May, She Might The Crying Lot of G (one of the highlights of the evening) Ashes Let's Do It Wrong How to Make a Baby Elephant Float When it's Dark Black Flowers (another highlight) Here You Are -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Out of the Pool Before we Run The Story of Jazz (yet another highlight) For You Too Shades of Blue Mr Tough Big Day Coming Sugarcube Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind (and, another highlight) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Connection (Rolling Stones) (Dr. Mark Fisher on drums - Dr. Fisher is a Burlington psychiatrist who played drums in Ira's first band in high school named "Heat Wave" :-) Periodically Double or Triple What Can I Say (NRBQ)
  9. Well - if there is an antidote to living in Donald Trump's America - it's spending a solid 90 minutes with Mavis and her incredible band! Tonight marked Mavis' first show of 2018 and Burlington showed up in full force for a sold out gig at the Flynn Center. This show marked her first live performances of "Who Told You That," "Build A Bridge," "Little Bit," and "No Time For Cryin'" from If All I Was Was Black. Each of these songs were great, but "No Time For Cryin'" as the encore was particularly powerful. You could feel the anger, frustration and hope in each word as urged the crowd to take a stand and stop sitting around while this oligarch fucking destroys our country. It was good shit... Here is the set list - as played: Come Go With Me Take Us Back Slippery People For What It's Worth Who Told You That Build A Bridge Little Bit Freedom Highway You're Not Alone (beautifully rendered this evening) We're Gonna Make It> Jam> Touch A Hand, Make A Friend I'll Take You There --------------------------------------------- No Time For Cryin'
  10. If memory serves, I think Jeff suggested in St. Paul that bbop should consider touring with The National while Wilco take their much deserved break in 2018... After last night's show at the Metropolis in Montreal - it may be something he should consider doing... or, at least, catching them a few times as they continue to tour on Sleep Well Beast This is my fifth time seeing this band and I continue to be blown away by their live shows (I like their records a lot too). Last night's superb two-hour show was made even more special because the Metropolis is one of the very best rooms to see live music performed anywhere in N. America. Those you who have seen Wilco perform there over the years can attest to it's charm, great site lines and fantastic sound. Lots has been written about this band of four brothers plus one -- so need to go into any of that other than to say their chemistry (and DNA) make them an incredibly enjoyable band to see perform live. There is def something going on between the four brothers that is a bit outer worldly. Here's the set list - as played... again, catch them if they are coming near you this winter. My bet is that summer will see them playing much larger venues and sheds. Nobody Else Will Be There The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness Walk It Back Guilty Party Don't Swallow the Cap Afraid of Everyone Born to Beg I Need My Girl Santa Clara Secret Meeting Conversation 16 I'll Still Destroy You Turtleneck Slow Show Graceless Carin at the Liquor Store Day I Die Fake Empire About Today Pink Rabbits ___________________ Mr. November Terrible Love Dark Side of the Gym Memories
  11. It's tomorrow... Friday at 10am. I'm certain about that - not certain about the password.
  12. LOSEIT = Password for tomorrow's TM presale for Beacon shows???
  13. Best shows of 2016: Margo Price - Higher Ground - Burlington, VTJason Isbell - Flynn Center for Performing Arts - Burlington, VTYo La Tengo - Music Hall - Portsmouth, NHDinosaur Jr - Higher Ground - Burlington, VTBon Iver, Erykha Badu, Senywa, Mavis Staples, William Tyler, Beach House and Day of the Dead - Eaux Claires Festival - Eau Claire, WIPhish (w/Bob Weir) - Ascend Amphitheater, Nashville, TNBad Plus w/Joshua Redman - Lincoln Theatre - Washington, DC
  14. The National played a terrific show last night at Joe's Field. It was great to see the field full of people enjoying a great night of music in the Berkshires to welcome in summer. Storms were predicted - but the thunder and lightning never came, which made for a lovely (if a little chilly) evening. This was my first time seeing The National and I was really impressed with the band. The mix was spot on and the overall sound was amazing. This is a band that is clearly on top of their live game. Matt Berringer's baritone is really something to behold - a truly unique and gorgeous voice. The Dessner's guitar play throughout the entire show was spectacular and nuanced. The Devendorf's are a terrific rhythm section - add the three guys that play horns (the Brass-Holes as Berringer called them) and an array of synthesizers and you've got an amazing live band with a huge sound. They debuted four new songs - all of which sounded great and ready to be recorded. Highlights for me were This is the Last Time, Pink Rabbits, Peggy O, England, Mr. November and Fake Empire. Here's the printed set list: Don't Swallow the Cap Sea Of Love BloodBuzz Ohio Hard to Find Afraid of Everyone Squalor Victoria Peggy O (Grateful Dead Cover) I Need Ny Girl This is the Last Time Iris Kingston Sometimes i Don't Think Slow Show Pink Rabbits England About Today Fake Empire _____________________________ Morning Dew (Grateful Dead Cover - Did Not Play) The Day I Die Mr. November Terrible Love Vanderlyle (Full Band Front of Stage - Stripped Down Version)
  15. www.relix.com/articles/detail/indie_is_dead_inside_the_massive_day_of_the_dead_compilation “Wilco is in the bag that the Dead were—as much as I don’t get from their records, I get from their live performances,” Weir says. “I’d always heard: ‘You’ve got to hear this band Wilco. They kind of remind me of you guys.’ When I finally heard them live, I was blinded. They play off of each other and they get the songs. When they’re playing, everybody in their band knows every word of that story. You can hear everybody watching the movie in their music.” Really looking forward to the release of "Day of the Dead"
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