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  1. Yeah really. I know one of those albums they gave out for free anyways. I can't afford to buy everything and would really like to have some of these songs.
  2. Can someone send me a link to download these?? I buy all the records on vinyl and would like to not have to purchase the mp3s sooooooooooooooooo Thanks it is much appreciated. Aka I want to download these for free hahaa. I am poor and I do support the band by going to shows and buying vinyl records. Thanks and please dont hate me .
  3. I am a long time fan and originally could not go to Tarrytown. Can someone please help me out? joseph.blair.19@gmail.com
  4. Me too!!! THe should just release them all like they did with the Wilco discography ooooohh and Mermaid Avenues.
  5. Is there any word on possible reissues of their first three albums.....it would be awesome.
  6. Does anyone have one of these they would sell to me (in Like new/new condition).
  7. Please Please help me its getting dangerously close to the show and I don't have a tix. I might need another for a friend. email me joseph.blair.19@gmail.com
  8. Is anyone going tonight from Albany and coming back after the show. I need a ride and will split gas. Let me know. email me at joseph.blair.19@gmail.com
  9. Come on real wooks would have the setlist posted already. The show has been over for at least a half an hour. This shit don't happen on Phish tour.
  10. Instead of doing any sort of tweeting during the show I think I am going to drink an absurd amount of Alcohol, shout out loud obnoxious requests for Jesus Etc., and vomit in the middle of the Pit!!!! This isn't more annoying than a iphone is it????
  11. I missed all the sales on this. Me and my friends just decided to go if you can help me out that would be awesome.
  12. Is there any rumors of Wilco playing any east coast dates this fall? They should play Albany they have never played in the city limits before!
  13. I bought the new record from the website, so I didn't get the itunes exclusive. Does anyone want to hook me up? Sorry spelled it wrong I meant Dark Neon.
  14. Sick show. It def was a phish like crowd with all the wooks and glow sticks around. I loved it!
  15. I still can't get DC to download would anyone be willing to send it to me?
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