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  1. This is one of those times that the setlist doesn't really tell the whole story. If you weren't there and were just looking at the setlist you'd have no idea how hard Sunken Treasure and Laminated Cat rocked. Seriously. Laminated Cat. Absolutely fucking rocked.
  2. I stayed for Kamikaze Palm Tree. They ROCKED. They were weird, sure, but they rocked as hard as anyone else at the entire fest.
  3. Their song "Sports" may very well be my song of the year.
  4. So uh, mine's pretty different: 1) Billy Woods & Kenny Seagal - Hiding Places 2) Slowthai - Nothing Great About Britain 3) Lizzo - Because I Love You 4) PUP - Morbid Thoughts 5) Freddie Gibbs & Madlib - Bandana 6) Benny The Butcher - Plugs I've Met 7) The Bash Brothers Experience - Let's Bash 8) Titus Andronicus - An Obelisk 9) Viagra Boys - Street Worms 10) $uicideBoy$ - Live Fast Die Whenever I can see people hating all of these, except number 3. How could anyone dislike Lizzo?
  5. Good morning all, Any particular song you're chasing? My last Solid Sound finally gave me Dreamer in my Dreams, a song I hadn't heard in 16 tries. Now that that's off the list, i'm on to "At My Window, Sad and Lonely". Solid Sound's usually a good opportunity for some less played gems (though I'd bet my arm we'll get Jesus Etc/HeavyMetalDrummer/ImTheManWhoLoves you as well), so what song or songs have you been chasing and how long have you been chasing?
  6. I'm in, for the fourth or fifth time. (Rick Smith, if you're reading through posts, are you going this year?) And for anyone staying on campus in the dorms, I hope you get B-6, I had plenty of good times there when I was a student. See ya at Jacks, see ya at the Freightyard, see ya at The Clark, and you'll see me with my red-hair and rugby related T-shirts.
  7. You and I, because it's so boring. One Sunday Boring, because it's so boring. Heavy Metal Drummer, because i've heard it 6 billion times and while it's fun to sing "and stoned" in public, this song is just eating up a slot in the setlist that could've been occupied by a much better song. And man, y'all hate some great songs. Which I guess is good? Or confusing?
  8. I've got a Theologians tattoo on my arm. Wilco fans often "get it" right away. The rest of the general public thinks I'm a big fan of Pac-Man. Cherry Ghost.
  9. Who'd have thought we'd go a whole Solid Sound with no Shot in the Arm and no Handshake Drugs.
  10. I was amazed by how awesome this set was. I thought that as a band they were done bringing the thunder, but apparently not so. I was also amazed by how many people left early. From Art of Almost, all the way through to the end I had a steady stream of people flowing past me. Not that I want to scold anyone, more like I feel bad for you because you missed out. That was the best night of Wilco i've seen in probably 5 years.
  11. Finally. Finally. After 16 shows, I finally got to see them play Dreamer in My Dreams. And of course they rocked it. Why don't they play it more often?
  12. I'll be there, for the 3rd time (maybe 4th? i can't even remember). I'll be wearing my Denton Rugby shirt on Saturday in case I bump into Rick Smith again. First SS with the wife and child. He's ready to rock.
  13. I've you seen Wilco twice you've heard Jesus etc., Heavy Metal Drummer, and I'm the Man Who Loves You. (Unless you saw them twice before they released that album). YHF has 5 of their 10 most played songs in the band's career. I'm The Man Who Loves You has been played 902 times out of 1300 shows (which means basically every single show since they wrote it). But also, I don't know why i'm even making this case to you guys, I view you as more hardcore than the average phonegazers and friendchatters that I see at shows all the time now. I know those guys will be happy when they play Heavy Metal
  14. Why would someone vote for Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? The band plays half that album every single night. I'm not trying to be mean, or ridicule someone's choice, but seriously Heavy Metal Drummer, Jesus Etc., I'm the Man Who Loves You, I am Trying to Break Your Heart, are pretty much a given at every show. And then when you factor in that over the course of two days they'll probably add in Ashes as well as War on War you've got almost the whole thing right there. Vote for whatever you want, except that.
  15. That was my first show, it set the bar REALLY high.
  16. I've been on a mission for Dreamer in my Dreams for years and they often play it the night after I see them. Anywho, here's my list: 1.) Dreamer in My Dreams 2.) At My Window Sad and Lonely 3.) I Must Be High 4.) ELT 5.) Open mind 6.) When you Wake up Feeling Old 7.) Bob Dylan's 49th Beard I've heard everything else that i've wanted to, going to the Tanglewood show meant I was lucky enough to get some gems that I haven't heard since. And lastly, I have a buddy who I go to Wilco shows with almost every time and on the day of the show we update the spreadsheet of songs we've heard and where.
  17. Anyone else going to try and haul ass from North Adams to Foxboro for U2? If the ticket gods smile upon me that's what i'll be doing. I don't know why i didn't throw out some U2 requests before the covers show. In hindsight it seems like a no brainer.
  18. I was at that benefit show as well. If they're playing North Adams i'm in, no matter what. By suggesting the field I was just thinking that was a way for fans to get their fix but without the logistical difficulties of putting on the full fest. We wouldn't have to worry about the blanket mafia. The hotels might not realize that they can jack up their rates 4000%. Everybody wins.
  19. My guess would be mid July or so. But on the off years, why not just play a one off concert on Joe's field? They don't need to have an opener, they dont need to make it a festival atmosphere, just 2 and half hours of rocking in a city they clearly like.
  20. My money's on "The Total Pros" or "Lucious". Or both. Things that are labelled "special" by bands, rarely end up being as special to the audience. (Not saying that I dont like either of those artists, just saying that there's 0.0% chance of Wilco rolling out Kanye or Eddie Vedder or Bono).
  21. I feel like in the live setting these Star Wars tracks are going to be benefit from being sprinkled in amongst Wilco's full catalog. I like the way they sound on the album, and there are tunes that I like a lot live, but as played front to back like it's been I think it hurts a few of the slower songs. And also, at both of these shows it felt sort of like Star Wars was a covers show, or even an opening band disguised as Wilco, and that most of the audience was just waiting for "the real Wilco show" to start. I realize people like HandshakeDrugs, but damn did it get an ovation and a positive
  22. It's my firm belief that "That was Star Wars, you fuckers" was Jeff expressing his displeasure for the copious amounts of chatter during Magnetized. The chatterboxes behind me wouldn't even STFU during Nels' Impossible Germany solo. And I suppose if you can't shut up during that, you probably never will. The band seemed to have a lot more energy than they did in New Haven. That show was meh, this one was whoa. (That's my 8 word review of both shows).
  23. Whatever happened to "Impossible Germany" girl?!? (In Mitch Hedburg voice). She rudely interrupted my shouts of "Dreamer in my Dreeeeeeaaaaaaammmmms".
  24. I was at this show too. And had to break up a fight, at a Dead show. I couldn't believe it. Aside from the fight I saw a dude pass out so hard I thought he was dead. Another person carried out by four people, also unconscious. Not particularly good vibes in the back/upper portion of the arena. This being said, the music coming from the stage was outstanding.
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