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  1. Thank you Mr. Bbop. I look forward following Wilco and Jeff vicariously through your efforts. Wilcoworld has kicked ass for years (keep up the great work Wilco webmaster - nobody in the online music business has done it better for the past 10 years .... ). Via Chicago is also a staple for all things Wilco and simply a great resource for this genre of music. And now we have Mr. Bbop's blog - which I am certain will be a huge hit amongst this crowd.
  2. great start to this thread .....
  3. probably in the minority here, but I think I'll stick with the Paul Simon version.
  4. i think Jeff's new white guitar was a vintage version of this.... (excuse me - ivory) National Guitars
  5. regarding wilco merchandise .... the complaints about wilco merch have been a re-occuring theme here on VC over the past few years. the criticism has mainly been about the t-shirts, and is has been very fair in pointing out the poor quality of these shirts. with t-shirt sales such an important part of a band's merchandise - it seems to me the team at 'wilco management' would spend a little time checking the quality of these items. i did bring up this issue with the guy who does the selling at wilco shows - he was a little busy as his booth was getting slammed, but basically said that he
  6. Josephine

    Tweedy Solo

    So happy to see this ! Thanks Sue & Jeff.
  7. wonder if there will be another canada date added in between toronto and montreal?
  8. JEFF TWEEDY SOLO TOUR DATES March 22 Toronto Queen Elizabeth Theatre March 25 Montreal L'Olympia de Montréal March 26 Portland, ME State Theatre March 28 Madison, WI Capitol Theater March 29 Rochester, MN Mayo Civic Center Presentation Hall March 30 Iowa City, IA The Englert Theatre WILCO TOUR DATES May 2 Montgomery, AL Montgomery Performing Arts Center May 3 Mobile, AL Saenger Theatre May 5 New Orleans, LA Jazzfest May 6 Houston, TX Verizon Wireless Theater May 7 Denton, TX University of N. Texas Auditorium May 8 Tulsa, OK Cain's Ballroom
  9. Thank you Wilcoworld ... The sound quality of these two shows: A+
  10. Wilco seems to love visiting Europe in September - over the past several years anyway.
  11. from ASCAP.com ... On a recent wintry December night, ASCAP's Erik Philbrook sat with Sansone and Stirratt for a special acoustic performance and Q&A after their soundcheck at NYC's Bowery Ballroom, where The Autumn Defense was opening for Wilco's Jeff Tweedy. definitely check this out... http://www.ascap.com/playback/2010/12/action/AutumnDefense.aspx?rss=1
  12. Washington Post review here: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/12/08/AR2010120806528.html
  13. from the Yo La Tengo website..... I was especially happy to hear Jeff do Linda Thompson’s “Sometimes It Happens,”
  14. I thought Newsweek was out of print. Years ago they brought in Jon Meacham, a bible-toting conservative, who drove the magazine into the ground by making 'religion' a regular cover story.
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