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  1. Just listened to Hitchhiker. Wow.
  2. Apparently a bunch of Neil Young's movies have been remastered and released on Blu-Ray. Still no Trunk Show
  3. It's like Wilco meets Elliott Smith. What's not to love?
  4. My box set arrived today. Live Rust sounds fantastic Deep Forbidden Lake and Winterlong are two of my favorites. Maybe Decade will get a standalone release someday, I think it's a fantastic compilation.
  5. Has anyone else noticed how Decade is mysteriously omitted from the recent Box Set? I mean sure, a lot of the Decade songs have already been released in a remastered format, but quite a few haven't.
  6. I picked up the rerelease of TFA when it came out on vinyl in that box set two Black Friday's ago. I'm just hoping that whatever kept him from rereleasing TFA for so long will mean that the rest of his material should come out without a hitch. I found a brand new copy of Silver & Gold a couple of months back. as far as I know he never rereleased that one on vinyl, so I was pretty excited to find it!
  7. I know Neil's been quoted as having personal reasons for not having TFA released, but hopefully now that the Archives are almost completed that means all they have to do is just release it. I would love to have Ragged Glory, Harvest Moon and Sleeps with Angels on Vinyl. Or the Dead Man Soundtrack
  8. So apparently the ORS 8.5-12 box set is coming out this Friday. Will anybody else be picking it up?
  9. According to Neil, the rest of the Archives will be coming out later this year. Although I'm taking anything he says at this stage with a grain of salt. http://www.gibson.com/News-Lifestyle/News/en-us/Neil-Young-Archives-2-Imminent.aspx
  10. For what it's worth, I have the orange vinyl and it sounds great. There's still hope!
  11. It is also on Spotify now. And presumably iTunes/Amazon/Pono etc.
  12. GarageBand I've never heard anything bad about Audacity, I know there are lots of people out there who have used it, myself included.
  13. Got my orange vinyl in the mail today, along with the shocking gum. Yes, the record is quite good. Have they done Common Sense live yet?
  14. It's more than a fucked-up country record. And that's a good thing. I'm only spinning it for the first time since I Heard Schmilco so I'll need more time to digest it. Common Sense is going to be great live, I'm sure. I wish I had a chance to see them on this tour!
  15. Found this brand new on vinyl at I Heard Schmilco tonight. I've always loved this album but hearing it on vinyl really elevates it to another level. Now I just need to find Harvest Moon. Razor Love!
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