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  1. Ha that poster was pretty bad, but the show was great! The crowd was rather sparse at first, but the orchestra filled up nicely and everyone remained on their feet throughout the show. No Spiders, and I'm not a huge fan of the mellowed-out Misunderstood, but glad to see Via Chicago & Company in my Back. Glad Jody got to hang with the guys (again), and I'd say this is one of the best shows the current lineup has played in Memphis. Just a damn solid show ETA: Margaret Glaspy is a good guitar player and has some interesting, unique vocals.
  2. 2 tix on 7th row in memphis. Have Friday & the following Monday off. Woohoo!
  3. I always heard "Guiding Light" from Marque Moon during IG... Surely doesn't have anything to do with Jeff's birthday present that one year does it?
  4. So I like Teens of Denial, just listened through a few times this past weekend. I enjoy his voice reminiscent of Julian Casablancas, as others have pointed out. But there's no denying that Car Seat Headrest is a bad name.
  5. Enjoying Can't Stop Workin' off of Peace Trail
  6. While it may be my favorite song on YHF, I've never been a huge fan of Pot Kettle Black live. However this is the best version of PKB I've heard. Brilliant.
  7. Going to put this up on the tv tonight, thanks!
  8. I've been listening to Sky Blue Sky as fall kicks into gear, and this album has continued to grow on me nearly a decade later with how simply honest & beautiful it is. For whatever reason "Leave Me (Like You Found Me)" has hit me hard on this recent round of spinning SBS.
  9. ^Agree on Keltner, glad to see him pop up again
  10. Well now I think Guns of Umpqua is my favorite on the album, and I am typically drawn more towards Cooley songs.
  11. I think Farmhouse is a pretty quality album
  12. I believe she is out touring in support of her solo album currently
  13. Who even knows anymore at this point. Dad rock, schmad rock
  14. Loving this one so far, especially Ramon Casiano & What It Means
  15. Anyone listened to "I Had a Dream that You Were Mine"? Sounding good to me.
  16. I'm loving Normal American Kids as well - the music, lyrics, tone - a great simple, yet powerful, album opener.
  17. Awesome story about Nels there; Los Lobos are one of my favorites & continue to bring it live
  18. Listening to Time Fades Away while cooking dinner; I can't believe how long this thing was kept in the attic, it sounds great
  19. Think I'll pull the trigger on the Time Fades Away (!) & On the Beach reissues
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