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  1. Thanks for listening. It's hard to separate the keys from guitar, I hear you there.
  2. I get confused listening to it myself because of the rhodes in there. There's a couple things going on at once, but there's defintely something growling there that I need to reproduce! Can anyone confirm that they use a leslie, vibratone, or some kid of rotating speaker on Sky Blue Sky? I can't find anything off google. As for the P and C, I was on youtube listening to the demo and I just don't hear anything close to what I want to achieve. Not that Tweedy or Nels could have combined it with other effects to get what I'm looking for. Anyway, thank you for your input. I'm very than
  3. Hey! Thanks for your input, I was beginning to feel lonely over here! I think the part is played by Tweedy because on the live youtube version, Nels is clealy playing lead, while Jeff is seen strumming. It really sounds like a leslie speaker, but then again it could be their piano (rhodes or wultizer?) through a leslie or vibratone amp. I think that Nels has a fulltone deja vibe and Jeff has a boutique pedal called the Mofaux vibe. But I don't think these pedals combined with overdrive could achieve the slow growl sound I'm looking for. Plus, I was on some other forums who have agreed
  4. I thought some of you might be able to help me. On the tune "Shake it off", Tweedy is playing rhythm guitar best heard starting at 4:13 on the studio cut. It's a swirly dirty guitar that I have trying to duplicate for over a year. I'm more interested in find out what the modulation effect is, I assume it's got overdrive with it. To me it sounds like a leslie rotary type effect, ie deja vibe, or I'm a complete jackass and it's the rhodes piano. I don't know. You can't really appreciate the sound on the live version found on youtube. I'd love to hear anyone's opinion. Thanks
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