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  1. I wonder (probably more out of hope than expectation) if this solo date means Jeff might make an appearance at Glastonbury.
  2. Really sad news. People die all the time who wasted their lives and made no sort of contribution to society or the arts, so when someone like Jay passes on who was so creative and had such a positive effect on people's lives, it just makes it all the more tragic.
  3. Has anyone still not received the AOAF DVD? I'm in the UK and it's been over a month since it was released, but I still haven't got mine. I've not had a calling card from the Post Office, so i've been emailing the website to find out if they've posted it. They've been quite vague so far. It's putting me off pre-ordering the new album from the site....
  4. Woo hoo! Just got in from the pub and found the London tickets on sale. Got 4 of them, and I cannot wait. God bless RSS!
  5. Anyone have any idea when tickets may go on sale for this? I was supposed to go to the Brixton Academy show last time around before it was cancelled, so please excuse my exuberance....
  6. Great, thanks for that. I like the idea of supporting the independents too, so hopefully the Wilco Store UK will sell it. Otherwise i'll try and find an Independent in my region that will stock it. As long as I can download those audio tracks, i'm happy.
  7. I don't mean the video download, I mean this: "The audio tracks of all songs featured on the DVD (including the extras) will be available as a free audio download from wilcoworld (upon receipt of your dvd)." I didn't know whether this meant you'd have to preorder the DVD through the Wilco site or not.
  8. Hi. I was just wondering when the Ashes Of American Flags DVD would be available for UK fans to pre-order. Also, will the audio tracks be available to download, as they are on the US site? Thanks.
  9. raindog

    UK Dates?

    I think there's a great chance they'll play some more UK festivals. Looks like they'll be in Europe for most of the summer anyway, so take note Michael Eavis!
  10. raindog

    UK Dates?

    A show in Bristol would be perfect, although i'd settle for London. I had a ticket for the Brixton gig (still got it!) and I was devastated when they cancelled. Going to Glastonbury too, and if we get The Boss and Wilco, it'll be unbelievable!
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