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  1. Don't know anything about the comedian, but just called the venue and they don't have specific start time info for the opener versus Tweedy/TWEEDY but have doors at 8 and "show" at 9. Which is good for me since I can't leave Ann Arbor until 8.
  2. Courtesy of Glide Magazine's HiddenTrack blog...scroll down to catch the streaming audio. Sounds pretty cool, it's done as just a duo (banjo and guitar), but it sounds great. Really like Tim's voice.
  3. Really excited to listen to this show. Wolfgang's Vault is such a sweet website. Looks like 2 hours of straight up greatness.
  4. 1. Phish -- 12/2-12/5 -- MSG & Charlottesville, VA -- Close of the Fall Tour, they were really kicking on all cylinders. Great jams, great cover choices, and some Phish antics. "Run Like a Naked Guy" -- truly unique. 2. Phish -- 3/6-7 -- Hampton, VA -- It was just great to see them back, being there for the opening notes of "Fluffhead" was out of this world. 3. New York Philharmonic with Trey Anatasio -- 9/12 -- Carnegie Hall -- Orchestral versions of You Enjoy Myself, The Divided Sky, First Tube, Pebbles & Marbles, If I Could -- doesn't get much better than that. 4. Wilco -- 4/21 --
  5. Got in right at the onsale time, nailed the captcha, pulled 4 in row CC of the orchestra on the aisle. My friend who was at a TM location in DC couldn't even get 4 together at 10 am.
  6. Many thanks to a man who was a big part of the music I love. Enjoy the Great Gig in the Sky, Mr. Bennett.
  7. I hate to be pushy but I would also love a reupping of these tracks....
  8. Try this link: http://beta.wilcoworld.net/
  9. Was a great time up in the mountains of NC. (Tweedy: "Some nice mountains you've got here.....would be a shame if anything happened to them....that's a warning." - or something along those lines). I really enjoyed the setlist, but being at the show I kept thinking "I can't remember the songs I wanted to see, but if I didn't think of this one, I should have." The way they were playing, this band could play Mary Had a Little Lamb and tear it up. Comment by my friend I went with "I love watching Nels solo. It's like someone took a video of a normal person soloing and is playing it back at
  10. I'm personally a big fan of Voltage Records on Lexington Ave. Probably going to hit up Barley's or Tupelo Honey for dinner and then onto Jack of the Wood for drinks before the show.
  11. I'm in with one of my best friends from Chapel Hill. We're driving down, it's the second show for each of us and our last was in 2006. Hyped to say the least.
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