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  1. I haven't seen Wilco near as much as many on this forum, but I really think this was the finest show I've seen from them... And certainly the setlist will be impossible to top. Maybe we didn't get as many "deep cuts" as Ryman 2, but honestly... Magazine Called Sunset? Cars Can't Escape? New Madrid? Never expected to see any of these live. And when was the last time Wilco played a set with EIGHT songs predating 1997? Anyway. Security was the most lax I've EVER seen at a big show, but fortunately the venue got a very polite, well-behaved NC crowd, and I don't think the level of intimacy betwee
  2. Fantastic show... Partly cuz the band seemed in great spirits, and partly because of the sheer diversity of songs from their entire career. Not only did they hit every album (including both Mermaids) but they gave most of them equal weight... 3 from Being There and Mermaid 1&2, 5 from YHF, and 4 each from Summerteeth, Ghost, and SBS. Hearing the Summerteeth tracks that don't get played as much (Candyfloss, Always In Love, She's A Jar) was a highlight... along with the twin openers from Being There unfurling the main set and the last encore. Nice serendipity. I don't think the setlist is
  3. Nevermind, I always forget it's a "hidden" track on the CD but listed proper on the vinyl. Carry on. --Rich
  4. I blame Bennett and his "mixing problems." --Rich
  5. One more... There was an official live version of "The Lonely 1" released around the time of Being There, but I have no idea what compilation it comes from. A friend of mine made me a B-sides comp back in the day, but didn't give any details. Same time frame as the "All Over The Place" LP tho. --Rich
  6. Long-time listener, first-time caller... Kudos on an extremely thorough list. That said, I can't believe I caught something that everyone missed for more than a year: Wilco Officially Released Demos and Remixed Tracks A Shot In The Arm (Remix) - "Summerteeth" (vinyl only) I believe it runs 3:54. And I'm 99% sure the vinyl is way OOP by now. --Rich
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