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  1. Did anyone else feel they just wanted to hurry up and get out? Maybe it was the weather because it was miserable out there, but something was missing.
  2. Wasn't thrilled. I've seen Wilco play live three times before this and this performance was lacking. I felt like Jeff didn't connect with the crowd at all. I'm not from Columbus, but I found the crowd to be really annoying.
  3. About everytime I go into Kohls clothing store I hear "You & I".
  4. I saw Wilco for the very first time in Athens, OH. I haven't really been the same since, but in a good way of course. Since then I saw three times in one year. I think I've been pretty lucky!
  5. Link is working, just waiting for the sound. So far just says welcome....
  6. I've only been to three shows, but I will say "Misunderstood" got me everytime.
  7. Sounds like a great show. How is "I'll Fight" in concert?? I wanted to hear that in Memphis. Hope the crowd was decent!
  8. Sopranos re-runs on A&E...good stuff.
  9. Who makes flying balloons anyway? These people are just bizzare.
  10. I really doubt it will come up, but YOU NEVER KNOW... ha ha
  11. Thanks for the info-looking forward to it. Also going to Shiloh as well in the area.
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