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  1. They are both on 'American Aquarium'
  2. Anniversary is the title of the song on the Roadcase sets that feature it.
  3. Cars Can't Escape, Via Chicago and Gun might have been my favorite three song run from any Jeff/Wilco show I've been to.
  4. Anyone want to sell to trade two tickets for the Largo show on the 3rd? I have a pair for the 4th I can trade or I can buy them. Thanks!
  5. I have to admit I'm not intimately familiar with the new record yet, so some of the intricacies might be a bit lost on me.
  6. Not For The Season was amazing. Best I've ever heard it, maybe better than the record. Just Stunning.
  7. I'm looking for any tickets for the Ace Hotel shows on the 14th and 15. Let me know if you have extras. Thanks!
  8. It must be because we are usually so spoiled with such great shows, but I was a little bummed with the strict 2 hour limit decision. Still a total blast, the new record sounds great live. This show probably had the least Pre-YHF songs that I have ever seen. Loved seeing Mikael on the guitar. I broke my "no photo" rule a few times...
  9. You're missing out, the show was awesome. I regret not going both nights.
  10. Thanks guys, Bad Timing was the only one I had heard and I can't say I loved it.
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