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    They had a fast lane type thing at the Royal Oak Music Theatre show summer before last, I didn't take advantage of it, and was still able to be one-off the rail, so I don't think it makes things qualitatively worse for us cheapies.
  2. All I can say is, 'a show for the ages.' They looked positively giddy to be there from the first number, and played like it. After playing all the ballpark shows with lots of people there who might not be all that familiar with their music, they really seemed to feed off the crowd singing along right from the very first song--Wilco (the song). I don't have the setlist, but they played 31 songs, including seven from the new album, in two hours and forty minutes. I can't begin to describe the energy.
  3. According to Jeff, in a radio interview linked off of wilcoworld.net, it's intentional. Nels tried a number of things there, but the band loves George Harrison, and whenever Nels played that, everyone else in the band smiled so they stuck with it. Similarly, he tried a number of things less narcississtic than "Wilco love you baby," like "Let go, love you baby," but "Wilco's" the one that made everyone smile so they went with it.
  4. "I'll Fight," Particularly the part where he sings, "...a deal was m-a-a-a-a-de, and I was paid." The intensity and clarity of Jeff's voice right there just resonates with me.
  5. Mine, disc only, no t-shirt, arrived Saturday.
  6. Still hoping, thanks. John jvwasylyshyn@yahoo.com
  7. Thanks. Will do, eventually.
  8. Is there a specific way to bump posts on the Need Tickets forum (every three days), or does that just mean posting a new request? Don't want to clog the board with my request. Thanks.
  9. I'm hoping for a ticket to the 7/21 performance in Royal Oak. Thanks, John jvwasylyshyn@yahoo.com
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