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  1. I would KILL for some Wilco on Rock Band. To my knowledge, Wilco hasn't commented on it. I imagine it's only a matter of time before it happens. We're starting to see more "less mainstream" bands showing up (TV on the Radio, Kings of Leon, et cetera), and once labels/bands realize the amount of money to be made by licensing their work to be used in these games, I think we'll start seeing even more. I'd love to see "Spiders," "Shot in the Arm," "I am the Man Who Loves You," "Impossible Germany" and "Monday" on it. Fuck it, what am I saying... I'd be happy with whatever Rock Band bone W
  2. This was my first Wilco show. My roommate had been telling me for weeks leading up to the show that, no matter how many live DVDs, bootlegs and video clips I watch, nothing compares to seeing them live. I assumed this was just music nerd hyperbole, but he was right. There's something intangiable+great about the band live that I can't quite describe. Tweedy, his genius and awkwardly charismatic stage banter have a lot to do with it, but the whole group really seems to come together in a way I didn't expect. Not only do they all seem at the top of their game, technically, but everyone seems
  3. I'll be there. First Wilco show.... crazy pumped!

    Wilco Vinyl

    No, Poster is SUPER lame. It's on cheap-ass paper, and looks like someone took twenty minutes in MS Paint designing it. It's got a black square (which is supposed to be a record sleeve) with a series of records sliding out of it. WILCO is spelled out very faintly on the face of each record, but you can't really tell unless you angle the poster. Then, there's the tracklisting underneath. They have a picture, I believe on the preorder page, but you'd never think it's the actual poster. I preordered Being There & Summerteeth. Not holding my breath, but I'll post if they actually ship.
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