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  1. thanks everybody for the good vibes here tonight!
  2. one of these days i'll get to hear "I Got You"...thanks for the webcast Wilco - awesome show!!!!
  3. Man - so wish i could see this leg of the tour!
  4. Hmmm...I take this list with a grain of salt...half the entries are snobby "Pastey" entries that are snobbish and don't really qualify as a top 10 of the decade in my opinion. ...and any list of the top 10 of the decade should include My Morning Jacket's At Dawn. Period.
  5. Would anyone be willing to buy me 4 tickets if you are going down to the Box Office to buy yours on Friday? There is a 6 ticket limit. PM me if you would be willing and I will happily buy you a beer or two or a coke before the show for your troubles! Thanks!
  6. The remodel has been delayed until 2010 at least, so they could've still held it at Northrop. I'm just going to pretend I'm not in Roy Wilkins once I get to the front of the stage.
  7. The absence of a quality mid size venue (5-8k capacity) is the biggest issue with this kind of show - there just isn't really any alternative. With that said, I'm not going to complain too much - just glad I get to see them again.
  8. Really excited to see the band again, but the venue choice is definately very underwhelming. The sound engineer will have fun with this one - it's basically a very large high school gym.
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