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  1. Hey folks, I was wondering if anybody heading to Mountain Jam on Friday would be willing to give a fellow Wilco fan a lift? I live near Newburgh, NY (about an hour and a half south of Hunter).
  2. Just stumbled across this and thought it was great: http://www.berkshireeagle.com/letters/ci_28401763/letter-one-word-sums-up-solid-sound-festival
  3. I'm sure you'll meet lots of fun folks to hang with while you're there. I'll be representing Jersey with the Vintage Vinyl shirt (even though I'm a NY guy) if you want to say hey.
  4. I always think the first few bars sound like a cross between Bill Withers "Use Me" and The Band's version of "Don't Do It".
  5. My vote was for The Byrds 100 Years From Now. Just so y'all know who to blame if they happen to play it. Glad to see lots of requests for the 'Mats, that would have probably been my next choice. Also, Any Major Dude
  6. Fun site, Charlie. Just learned that "The Ween" is a PBR served cold. Awesome. Edit: Had to come back and note that "The Sugar" is an oz. of weed.
  7. ^This. Still not my favorite but it's definitely proving to be a grower and I totally agree about the Nilsson vibe. Oh, and I love the "sing along with the clarinets and arguments" line.
  8. ^This. And it's hard not to like any song where all 3 guitarists are rocking away. Having said that, I am pretty tired of hearing it (One Wing as well) and it always seems to have a predictable slot in the early part of the set. But this is one of the problems that comes with going to every show I can and obsessing over each setlist I guess.
  9. I agree with almost all of what he just said. Open Mind reminds me a bit of ITMWLY in that the lyrics and sentiment of the chorus are so simple that it seems like anyone could have tossed them off but the build up to the chorus is pure Tweedy genius. Not really sure how I feel about Capitol City yet, I've enjoyed listening to it so far but don't know how often I'll want to hear it. It does feel kinda like it doesn't fit in with the other songs. I'd describe Standing O not as filler but as an "easy rocker" (I miss Jay, too). And I'm loving the handclaps. Can't wait to help out with those in a few weeks. The title track actually sounded to me like Jeff trying his hand at writing a Belle & Sebastian type song. Overall, the production is amazing . Even the songs that didn't immediately grab me had bits of production I found really fascinating. Big ups to all! But extra big ups to Pat's ears!
  10. Saw Bright Eyes and Dr. Dog last night at The Chance in Poughkeepsie. Really good show! I've heard Dr. Dog a little here and there but this was my first prolonged exposure to them. They were pretty good, I was definitely impressed with their musicianship. Very different Bright Eyes show than last time I saw them (@ Radio City), probably because the audience was practically right on top of them. They played lots of stuff from Lifted and I'm Wide Awake It's Morning, only 3 songs from the latest I think.
  11. They played this (w/ Nicole Atkins) when I saw them at the New Year's Eve show at MSG a couple of years ago too. They also played "You're All I Need To Get By" Thanks for the link, Charlie.
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