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  1. On the Capitol Theatre website the Port Chester shows are listed as "An Evening with Wilco". Wonder if it will be like the previous evening with shows (acoustic set, 3 hour show)
  2. Couldn't resist putting up two ELC...every little chicken just tears you apart
  3. Outtsite (Outta Mind) as part of the audience pump up music at a taping of the Colbert Report
  4. I've been to festivals that had no chairs past this point signs up and that helped avoid some of the issues people have mentioned. The other thing that would help, but would probably take too much to enforce would be a no chair or blanket aisle. At busy festivals including this years SS I've seen the same vicious cycle. Some people are rude and will just elbow through at the last minute to move forward, spilling beers, knocking people over. So then people with chairs start trying to protect their territory by tying chairs together around blankets making areas impassible. Now people who a
  5. If this year is like the previous years, the festival wraps up about around 6 on Sunday. So the film would be inside since it wouldn't be dark yet. And for Friday and Saturday the only way it could be done outside would be either in the Wilco opener slot or after Wilco is finished (like the Numero group the first year).
  6. This thread has a lot of the Sunken Treasure DVD tabs. California Stars is towards the end. The only other addition would be (taken from another poster but sorry I forget who posted it originally) Actually, the D-chord has a riff of its own: -2-2-2-2-2- -3-3-3-3-3- -2-2-4-5-4- -0-0-0-0-0- ----------- ----------- Thread
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