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  1. It would have been great if you could download it when you bought the album. My download card doesn't work yet. Maybe tomorrow, the official release date? Upload the thing already!
  2. I'm glad the vinyl omits the live tracks. There are some great live performances on those B-sides but I really don't like them removed from their context. It's the vinyl for me. This also makes me hold out hope for some unreleased stuff in the future, since there really aren't tracks on this set that haven't been released in some form (unless I missed something). I absolutely loved Pearl Jam's "Lost Dogs" compilation, and while this isn't really a mix of released and unreleased, it looks pretty darn good.
  3. To me, this proves that Wilco is THE best band going today. They can play a variety of styles flawlessly, while still infusing them with their own signature. This "Tomorrow Never Knows" cover is brilliant.
  4. From the same friend, during Richard Thompson's set... ...and during Wilco's set.
  5. Partial set list from a friend on FB: At My Window Sad and Lonely Muzzle of Bees Impossible Germany Laminated Cat Really wish I was seeing more than one show on this tour!
  6. "Isn't It a Pity" was the chill-inducing highlight for me. Seriously was hoping for an MMJ George Harrison cover, but never dreamed all of Wilco would join. And it sounded perfect. The Wilco set was cool because it started slow. I'm not sure how much people were into that, but I sure dug it. The different between MMJ fans and Wilco fans was on display: all of the MMJ fans seem to be 20-something neo-hippies, while the Wilco fans look like one-time rockers turned professionals in their thirties. There are exceptions, of course. I'd never seen MMJ, and they sounded great, but I've tried to
  7. I played a show one time in Chicago. Not ten feet from the stage, two drunk guys talked loudly during our entire, acoustic set. Afterwards, one of them came up to me and said, "Killer set. Where are you guys playing next?" I did not tell him.
  8. I wasn't there. But I think the point is that it's not just you that's attending. I'll give you that, if the vibe is such that people are talking, that's fine. I've attended and played those shows, as well as shows where people listened to me playing. Playing in Nashville, especially, in songwriting rounds, some rooms will evict you, because that's what they're about. If I go to a bar and listen to a band play covers, I'll talk and they expect that. If the vibe of Solid Sound is that people are "conversational" during sets, so be it. But, if not, it is intrusive to think that your conversati
  9. Can someone explain to me the following: 1) Why some people think it's acceptable to have long conversations during a concert, and 2) Why they'd want to. If you said a sentence of two, that's cool. If you are carrying on a conversation, that's just unacceptable. Why even go? You are taking the right of the other people who paid good money to hear the show. Not cool. I took my nine year old to Wilco last year. He knows to pay attention to a band that expects that attention. So, if your talking is too excessive or too loud, you should be "shushed", whether or not it's from an "old guy". Concerts
  10. There was a special report during a Charlie Brown special. Not a big fan, but I was shocked and saddened. She was a talent, no doubt.
  11. Is it too much to ask to get an official live release of this era of Wilco?
  12. Musical blind spot? Ryan Adams. I've never heard a song from him that wasn't just....existing. It never seems to go anywhere, and I've tried. I have a lot friends into him. Also, "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" era Radiohead. I loved "The Bends" and "OK Computer". After that, there was too much whining. And then I really enjoyed "In Rainbows" so who knows. Usually, I can see why people like bands. Jack Johnson took me a long time, and just recently I've been digging some of his stuff. I don't think that everyone gets every great band right away. Music fans go through phases with bands. My guess is that
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