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  1. I didn't comment on it, you see - I commented on the general consensus after reading the thread about it, and how it was similar to my expectations. That's it and that's all ( ). What I meant by "sympathetic, mature response" was understanding that context. That I wasn't commenting on the album itself. Maybe I'm just not clear. Thank you. I can understand all that. I need to be put up to speed about the stuff around here. Keeping up best I can for rolling back Adds credence to me!
  2. I love this band! My brother introduced me to their music growing up and I never lost my attachment. As far as fun, solid rock n' roll goes - lyrics be damned, via Chuch Berry or any early rockers (it's about the feeling, man!) - KISS had it going in the '70s like no other. There was punk,there was dinosaur rock, and there was KISS. Of the three I prefer KISS! Alive, Destroyer, and Love Gun are iconic albums. The studio side of Alive II is underrated...but I don't dig much of their stuff after the classic lineup. Maybe I should brush up on it though.
  3. I'll agree, Jeff having an album on his own did wish his personal envelope. Thus, it finds him dipping into different sounds and feels on it. I like that album a lot and didn't mean to sound critical of it. On the whole it comes off (in my subjective opinion ) as a bit amateurish.
  4. I figured I'd be up front about not listening to TA because I'd get a sympathetic, mature response. But seeing as I got somewhat childishly jabbed twice for it, I know better for next time. I admitted the flaw of not listening to it in my first post. My comments were solely in context to the reaction to the album on the previous thread. I didn't "judge" it on my own merits...oboviously...I haven't heardit. There's no need to be snarky. I'm very glad to get opinons about my post though...that's why I posted it, because it interests me, and I think it's cool to hear what other people think. So
  5. From the getgo, W(TF) has been my favorite display name since I've re-joined. Had to share that. Second, I do like SBS. I just think it's not great, and it definitely wasn't good enough to keep me on the edge of my seat for what came next. Lastly, I admit that I haven't heard W(TA), but my suspicions were that it would be like a lesser SBS. Which, by what a lot of people said on the W(TA) thread, seemed to be the case. I never meant to say I knew about W(TA), just that, by what others have said, it seems to continue the trend. I could be wrong, and I wouldn't mind being told that I am. A
  6. As I just touched on in a thread in the Just a Fan forum, I find it interesting what people think of the "canons" of their favorite bands. What albums are overrated? Which underrated? Why? There are a few glaring ones for me. The first one I list in the topic description: I like Dylan's Self Portrait better than Blood on the Tracks. SP, actually, is one of my favorite Dylan albums. Why? Because he's just doing what he wants to do, and I find that incredibly rock n' roll. He's covering way old folk tunes in a fun, laid back style ("Days of 49", "Copper Kettle", "Little Sadie"), covering whate
  7. I just got done browsing through the board's thoughts on W(TA). I find it very interesting how scattered a group of people can be - but also fascinating, and very telling. A song so many people think is obviously indispensable is seen by others as a throwaway. On person's "weak lyrics and melody" are another's "very solid track" (not using exact quotes from the thread, just making an overall generalization). This was touched on in the thread, but it got me to thinking. What makes a band's songs/albums/etc. "great"? You can say it's all a matter of opinion, and I suppose it is, but it's all v
  8. 1. YHF 2. Being There 3. Summerteeth 4. A.M. 5. A Ghost is Born 6. Sky Blue Sky 7. W(TA) in general, in this man's opinion, Wilco grew every album from A.M. to YHF...and have kind of been on autopilot ever since. they seem to have "found themselves", which is nice, but not as interesting. still great tunes though, and better live than ever, of course. oh generalities.
  9. This is right on! The Michael character has been awful since last season. He's not as funny. He's become a caricature, something like every character on the Simpsons has been since like the 12th season or so. There was complexity to him. More than just a niceness, he was also smart when he had to be, he made brilliant decisions sometimes. There were many moments where you felt like he was a real person. You don't get that anymore. Now it's just playing off how stupid he is. Exactly like what happened to Homer Simpson... The other characters have lost their appeal, too. Seasons 2 and 3 were p
  10. Oh man, you're right on with this. I suppose there are worse teams to cling to (the Cubs, perhaps?), but being a Vikings fan is incredibly nerve wracking. I'm not one to believe in Jinxing and cursing, but if there ever were arguments for it the Vikings would have to be part of it.
  11. You sound awesome! I found myself relating to Holden a lot. Catcher sort of altered my mind set and how I see the world...or it poisoned my mind...or something. But I can see why it could be an unlikeable book. Holden isn't exactly a likable character. I don't think I've hated any books that I've read. Had to read, even. I was pretty disappointed with Jonathan Lethem's "You Don't Love Me Yet", but I wouldn't say I hated it. It was just too cliche.
  12. The album *seems* to be dying, as a popular form anyway, in popular culture. In general people just want to hear a couple songs that fit their fancy from whatever musicians they like. Put them on their iPod, only listen to it when it comes on shuffle. CDs by popular musicians haven't been an art form as "albums" used to be since basically the advent of the CD. However, there has always been, and I hope always will be, a large amount of people who appreciate the album as an art form - as a cohesive whole, artwork, liner notes, feel of the album, as a unique expression of where a band is at. F
  13. Yeah. Bowie's guitar work on this album is phenomenal! Not in a guitar god kind of way, but in a moody type of way. Such a dark, sludgy album. In love with it!
  14. Very glad to hear about this! Wilco at the Grammy's. What a trip. Having had to listen to Josh Groban's Christmas CD on repeat at a chain bookstore for three months last year, I can attest to the fact that he's awful! Haha. If he's a fan, by all means have him there. Variety I suppose. Down by the River would be my choice, but anything off of "Old Ways" with some pedal steel would be amazing!
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