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  1. I saw TMNS. It is kitchy and sentimental but has a really fine performance by JK Simmons and when I heard the music in the context of the story, well... I got pretty forgiving of the sentiment. Apparently it's based on a case study by Oliver Sacks.
  2. Just some thoughts.... Hayden Symphonies - 22, 31, the last 4 if you like Mahler 1 try any of the others, 5 is a good one to move to next then Sibelius Symphonies 1,2,5 Wagner opera excerpts Brahms 4 symphonies Tchaikovsky symphonies 4, 5, 6 Shostakovitch symphony 5 if you are looking for some other more off the beaten path stuff try Janacek Sinfonietta Martinu Symphony No. 5 Just some jumping off points. I've spent almost 40 years playing this music so if you ever want to talk about it feel free to get in touch. And I know you said no Mozart but... Mozart Piano Concertos - my favo
  3. I saw them a few weeks ago in Philadelphia and they definitely put more energy behind the songs live. Very exciting performances, much closer to what you saw on Ferguson. The album versions seem more like a template for what they can be live.
  4. I think they're referring to the original mixes of Anthem of the Sun and Aoxomoxoa. I would love to have those mixes but I'm past buying LPs. Wish they would just issue them on CD.
  5. I'll see your wow and raise you a whoa. That was the most intense version of that song I've heard them do. Thanks for posting that.
  6. I would recommend Bruised Orange. Not only one of his best, one plain old great album.
  7. We have tickets for tonight and I can't wait. We drove into Montclair last night to see a movie and since we were early we decided to walk down to the theater to check out the place. It was about 9 so the show was well under way. On our walk back up Bloomfield Avenue (the main road) we heard music coming from down an alley. It was the back of the Wellmont stage. The gate was unlocked so we wandered down the alley and sat on the fire escape steps and listened to the end of Impossible Germany and all of California Stars. The stage door was ajar but we only peeked in, so we could see how cl
  8. Going to see them Monday night. I can't wait. It's a good music weekend with Wilco on Saturday night then down to Philly for OE.
  9. I dont' have any idea if the writers are tapping into that idea but just just that concept - {best Keanu Reeves voice} "whoa."
  10. Visions of Johanna is a good choice but I might go with Desolation Row. Those cascading images could go on for another seven minutes as far as I'm concerned.
  11. I had never heard of this band and bought the album on an impluse. I can't take it out of the cd player. It sounds like a lost Sticky Fingers-era Stones album.
  12. Yeah, it's posted but you can't order yet: Road Trips Vol 3. No 2 $19.98 Recorded live at Municipal Auditorium Austin, TX (November 15, 1971) All selections are previously unissued recordings DISC 1 1. Truckin' 2. Bertha 3. Playing In The Band 4. Deal 5. Jack Straw 6. Loser 7. Beat It On Down The Line 8. Dark Star> 9. El Paso> 10. Dark Star 11. Casey Jones 12. One More Saturday Night DISC 2 1. Me And My Uncle 2. Ramble On Rose 3. Mexicali Blues 4. Brokedown Palace 5. Me And Bobby McGee 6. Cumberland Blues 7. Sugar Magnolia 8. You Win Again 9. Not Fade Away> 10. Jam> 11
  13. isn't clifton the town where the sopranos was supposed to take place? Nah, that'd be my hometown - North Caldwell. But It's all the same general area.
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