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  1. That was a fun read. I keep thinking that the next SS will be June of 2022 - that it will be put off a year.
  2. I'm liking the Parquet Courts mashup - it's pretty bold. I'm also liking the safest one on there, Twin Peaks' Spiders (Kidsmoke). The only one I did not like the first time through is Low's take on War on War. I like Low; I do not like what they did with War on War.
  3. The Carpenters were huge at that time. My older sisters were big fans then.
  4. First one with parents - Grand Old Opry in 1974 (then again in 75, 76, etc.) First one by my own choice - The Kinks, June 1983, Portland, Maine.
  5. Promising was a highlight for me, as was Can You Get to That. The Schmilco songs sound better as solo acoustic numbers to me. I think this is because I do not care for the full band versions on the record. I did not think that the band added much to the songs, other than on Locator and Someone to Lose. I know there are lots of fans of the record, though, and that I am likely an outlier on this.
  6. I frequently alternate between fiction and non-fiction as well. I read this one back in April. I love his writing. If there has been a silver lining to having COVID-19, it is the number of books that I have had the time to read. I have read north of 25 books since I came down with symptoms on March 21st. I recommend the new Anne Tyler book (Redhead by the Side of the Road) for those who like her writing style. As you all have likely read, some people who are symptomatic (5%, 10%?) have symptoms that wax and wane for months. I have been on a roller coaster of symptoms since 3/21. Upward tra
  7. It is a great rock record. I like it more now than when it came out. I realized recently that Peter Buck is turned up to 11 on it - what's not to love?
  8. I thought about it being the first song they play in their first show after the pandemic. I will be surprised if it is not.
  9. He made everything he appeared in better.
  10. I thought False Prophet was pretty good, too. I tend to focus on his vocal inflections - that is where I try to get a sense of how "into it" he is. It is really noticeable in concert, as sometimes he is just garbling it up and other times he is precise in his phrasing. On False Prophet, it seems like he is paying close attention to his phrasing. Like he is trying. And I appreciate that, as he is 79 years old and could just keep mailing it in.
  11. I lived south of Miami from 69-74. We had 2 season tickets for our family of 7 - each of us 5 kids got to go with my dad to one game a year. Don Shula was a god down there then. RIP.
  12. ^^^^Thanks for the advice on this one. I am adding it to my reading list.
  13. ^^^^^Thank you for sharing that. It helped me understand what the future might look like.
  14. That Fountain of Wayne's cover of Better Things is fantastic. I love the song, and had never heard their version. I have heard of the band, but never paid attention to them. Now I will dig into their catalogue. I kinda freaked out when I read about Adam Schlesinger's death from COVID-19. We are the same age, and I was smack in the middle of fighting it off. First symptoms appeared two weeks ago today - fatigue, body aches, and an odd sensation - like a cross between vertigo and being hooked up to a low-level electrical charge. Instead of light-headed, it felt like I was light-bodied. And t
  15. That is so funny that you remember her band members being tall - I have the same memory. And skinny, too. They looked like they stepped right off the set of Almost Famous.
  16. I remember now. I did not go to Boston, but I was at the Concord and Hartford shows (Hartford may have been on a different leg of the same tour?). I remember seeing Grace Potter a few rows back and in the section to the left of me. Great shows.
  17. Great idea on the Monday reminder about the initial Solid Sound announcement. Seems like yesterday that he announced that from the stage in Boston; I believe that night's show was simulcasted. At least I think I remember hearing Jeff announce it, even though I was not there in person. Those "Evening With" shows were epic. Loved the mid-show acoustic set, when they brought out the lamps, etc.
  18. I've thought a lot about Ventilator Blues this past week as well.
  19. I've watched parts of several nights. That's How I Got to Memphis floored me.
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