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  1. I'm really out of the loop when it comes to Wilco on tour. Will these dates sell out right away? I'm in Vegas, they're playing a small venue here. Do I have to be online right away with a pre-sale code if I only want a couple GA Seats? I'm thinking yes.
  2. Gruesome yes, fictional not at all. It was a six-part documentary series that aired on HBO a few years ago. Can't recommend it enough. Try not to google too much about it though, at this point most of the write-ups about the show are plastered with spoilers.
  3. Staircase was just okay. Few too many episodes I thought. Really, it just made me want to re-watch the far superior The Jinx.
  4. How depressing. That was almost like election night all over again.
  5. Neither are the "sports figures" as you call them. It's the billionaire team owners doing that.
  6. I love the Olympics. Looking forward to basketball, swimming and gymnastics the most. And I'll be rooting against the Russians this year even more than I usually do.
  7. Today I am extraordinarily sad that David Letterman is done hosting talk shows.
  8. Best Coast This Is Real Make You Mine This Lonely Morning Fear Of My Identity Feeling Ok New album is awesome.
  9. The last hour has been a lot better, starting with the Ben Affleck/Benedict Cumberbatch/John Travolta/Idina Menzel routine. Gaga was great.
  10. I think it's one of the duller telecasts I can remember. The Polish director not letting the orchestra play him off has been the highlight so far. NPH is not exactly lighting it up.
  11. Wow, never would have thought Wilco was on that show Reverb. Then again, I barely remember that show. Ha. I will seek this out.
  12. It was announced like five hours ago.
  13. TBPAC, right? I had only gotten in to Wilco a few months before. I will never forget that performance of Spiders.
  14. I haven't been this excited for a film since Boogie Nights. This looks like one of the great ones.
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