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  1. Another vote for SOS here, ABBA's finest moment as far as I'm concerned. Take a Chance on Me would be my runner up.
  2. This looks sweet. Also... My list: 1. The Life Aquatic 2. The Royal Tenenbaums 3. Rushmore 4. Bottle Rocket 5. The Fantastic Mr. Fox 6. Darjeeling Limited
  3. Yes! (Well, actually I like the slightly mellower ripping solos that Jeff did on the album)
  4. I have a site on virb.com that I like, I probably will keep it around regardless. Facebook and Bandcamp are fine, but having a clean and centralized location for stuff is what I prefer.
  5. They will be nominated for some kind of Grammy award, but really the awards are pretty irrelevant.
  6. From a show we played on Sunday night. I am the one on the right.
  7. I realize YHF is a serious studio album, but ironically because of how carefully crafted it is it sounds less produced to me, and W(TA) and SBS are both more "live" albums, but the production on them sounds a little too compressed and clean to my ears. Summerteeth has really solid writing/music but again the production is a little lacking. I much prefer AGIB's sound when it comes to a "live" album.
  8. 1. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2. Summerteeth 3. Being There 4. A Ghost is Born 5. AM 6. Sky Blue Sky 7. Wilco (the Album)
  9. Brilliance. Really I think both Sky Blue Sky suffered from some over-production and a lack of risk-taking. There are some good moments on both but those two albums definitely rank at the bottom of Wilco's catalog for me.
  10. Adult Contemporary...wait, no. Post-Domestic? Rockadaddy?
  11. Neat find, definitely makes sense in the context of the words. Though I'm sure there is some imaginative play with those images as well in the words of the song itself.
  12. Hey VC people, I know I am on here infrequently of late, but I promise I still love you all. And I have a new album coming out. It's all finished up and short of hand printing the covers and getting those together it is ready for your listening enjoyment and consumption. You can check it out here: The Noble Octopus The latest one is "Like an Island," 2008's "The Noble Octopus" is my older disc. You can listen to any of the tracks there, download 2 from the new one for free, and any of the old ones. I welcome your comments, and if you are interested please do pick up a copy. They are
  13. Glad to see Wilco on the list, but they really should have beat out the Eagles, I mean come on. Hotel Arizona > Hotel California.
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