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  1. So excited, just bought my Tweedy tickets for Auckland! What do you think, any chance Wilco might come down at the same time? They have a gap in their schedule.... And it's been a while...
  2. There is a rumour that the Auckland show will be the next Road case. It was a great show... Mavis is incredible, so I hope they include her set.
  3. "Honey I think you're cheesecake, you're cheesecake" which makes perfect sense to me, because I really love cheesecake...
  4. Gotta say, it is kind of shaming to have such a feeble response from Aucklanders, especially when the show was so fantastic! But at least the general apathy has forced me to finally sign up here and post, rather than just lurk Thanks for posting the set list, Monster - I never have complete recall, and the show was two and a half hours of bliss for me. just to add to your comments about the show, my only wish was that the audience had been a bit more animated - I got the feeling it was a bit of a disappointment to the band (even though in the words of Jeff "we feel like we live here!")
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