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  1. Can you let me know who did it? The free battery replacement (assuming all goes smoothly) is really good since that seems to always be the first thing to go. The flash drive is in the ipod, so just connect it like normal. The advantage is more capacity, less power usage (so better battery life), and it's more hardy.
  2. Nothing for me either. Maybe just for US-based fans?
  3. So with the sale on I figured it's a good time to get some new roadcase shows. Sounds like LA or Seattle bundles are the best options, but if I only wanted one what would people suggest?
  4. Heard some of these at Bridge. Peace Trail was good, but some was terrible (Terrorist Suicide Hang Gliders) and a lot was mediocre. His problem seems that he can't tell the difference between his good stuff and his rubbish stuff and no one will tell him any more
  5. The FIIO X7 is twice the price of a classic so I wouldn't bill it as inexpensive. I bought one of the second generation x5s and on the positive side the build quality is great (it's a lot bigger than a classic, but that generally doesn't worry me) and it was nice having two micro sd slots, but the interface was pretty bad, it didn't track metadata (which I use pretty extensively to manage my library), and I found the library management options (mediamonkey etc) pretty bad. If all you're looking for is a lot of capacity (and are willing to pay a lot for it), it might be a good option, but I sold mine pretty quickly.
  6. There are lots of options if you're willing to look at people refurbishing on ebay. The refurbishers are taking new ipod classics (or sometimes old ones, which are cheaper but obviously likely to have a shorter life) and replacing the 160gb hard drives with larger ones (mine is 240gb) and sometimes including a larger battery. Even if they don't add a better battery, you get more life from them because the 240gb units are SSD. There's obviously a risk to it, but I've bought three of them. The first lasted about the same amount of time as the old ipod classics and was great. The second one had problems with the battery and the seller was great about returning it and refunding, since he couldn't replace for a few months. The current one is going strong after six months and cost $US330. For me the advantages are the large capacity and being able to keep my iTunes library (you'd get that with the Touch, but not with other large capacity players). You also get to keep the ipod classic interface, which sounds like it's a plus for you.
  7. Quite good recording of this show (if I do say so myself) - http://this-was-now.blogspot.co.nz/2016/04/tweedy-powerstation-25-march-2016.html
  8. Plenty of great pics here too http://cheeseontoast.co.nz/2016/03/28/live-photos-of-tweedy-at-powerstation-on-sunday-27-march-2016/
  9. Hazel Fake Fur Coat Diamond Light Flowering Summer Noon World Away New Moon High As Hello Wait For Love Love Like a Wire Low Key Nobody Dies Anymore Via Chicago I Am Trying to Break Your Heart One Wing New Madrid Remember the Mountain Bed Hummingbird Please Tell My Brother Born Alone Jesus etc I'm the Man Who Loves You A Shot in the Arm Thirteen (Sammy Tweedy on vocals) Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood Only the Lord Knows The Losing End California Stars Queen Bitch The Powerstation isn't a huge venue, but this is traditionally a weekend when Aucklanders make use of the last holiday before winter and get out of town, so the venue was only half full. The people that were there were respectful and enthusiastic (at the right points). As others have said, the Sukierae songs seem much better live and even though lots of people didn't seem familiar they got a good reception. One Wing was an early highlight of the solo set. And as for all the other sets of the tour Spiders was on the setlist but not played (along with Passenger Side). Jesus etc got a hushed crowd sing along (trying not to drown out Jeff), but other than that they seemed happy listening. I'm the Man was dedicated to Suzy, who was seated on one of the couches around the edge of the floor (along with Liam and Elroy Finn). Jeff commented that it was nice to actually be able to see her while he played the song. Sammy Tweedy sang all of Thirteen, getting a big clap (followed by the loudest cheer of the night when Jeff said it was his first time singing on stage). The kid's got a great voice and nailed the song. Jeff seemed to be having fun (it always helps if the venue is standing), but both Give Back the Key... and 5 Years were dropped from the encore. Banter wise there were only a couple of highlights. After Jeff introduced Spencer someone yelled out 'you're doing a fine job sir' and Jeff said thanks they appreciated any positive feedback, later asking for less positive feedback when someone yelled too much, and then more after he messed up Born Alone. After an early song he said something like 'that was a waltz, I don't know whether they've made it down here but they're huge in the states', there wasn't a reaction from the crowd leading him to comment 'that fell flat' (it might have been that people couldn't hear, my girlfriend asked after the show what he said about the Waltons). There were also a few comments about Auckland being the Tweedy family's home away from home (after the time they all spent here for 7 Worlds Collide (which was at the same venue)), and that this was the first time the whole family had been back. Overall, it was a really great show. I'd given up on seeing Tweedy, so it was nice to catch what might be their last show for a while.
  10. Haven't seen them for a while, but at theatre shows the Hives used to pretty regularly make the crowd sit down with an aisle down the middle of the floor which the singer would then walk down to talk to the crowd.
  11. Sideshows are pretty much guaranteed. Whenever they're only playing Bluesfest they get listed as 'Australian Exclusive' (check out the National and UB40 this year, or Ben Harper last year). There are usually no Brisbane shows because Bluesfest is about two hours away. The only other questions is if they'll make it to NZ, or if they'll just be Sydney and Melbourne shows.
  12. I like it. Fairly true to the original, but not a note for note recreation. Good video too.
  13. Didn't see anyone else posting this - BBC are playing some classic shows from their archives. The next one is Wilco from Glastonbury in '99. It's available for streaming after the show is broadcast, which looks like it's happening today. Here's the wilco link - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04pvjnk. Here's a link to the other episodes as well (includes Bowie and Crowded House) - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00c001r/broadcasts/2014/11
  14. I should have said, I think the issue is why they don't have an opening band. In Australia it was because the shows were at the Opera House and there were rehearsals that prevented an early start. Here I suspect it's that they will play long shows. But the 'Evening with...' moniker is no guarantee (sadly, given I flew to Sydney specifically thinking it did).
  15. On their last Australian tour they played two 'Evening with..' shows. I bumped into John a few days before the first of them and he said that 'Evening with...' means no opener, but nothing more than that. Sure enough the shows were regular length (well, one of them was very short due to a misunderstanding about curfew).
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