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  1. 1 - Reservations 2- Im Always In Love 3 - Hummingbird
  2. if the reason this is your favorite show is cause you can be seen in the pictures, you are missing the point if the reason this is your favorite show is cause your favorite WEATHERMAN was there, you dont even know there is a point to be missed it is a completely shitty venue, worst ever crowd control the owners of the venue oversold the crap outta the place and I can guarantee W will never play there again that said, and if you were there, and if you cant be seen in the pictures, and you didnt know the forecast that night real time, the Kingpin that night was killer
  3. To take the lead from the first post, I have figured out what to say about this show: Jeff was on - both the music and the banter The set was short The Seeger encore was touching This is likely the first, and perhaps the last solo show ever to feature a bake sale....... Solitaire is staggering
  4. Mer-kins Definition: How the current ahole who occupies the oval office pronounces the word that defines his current countrymen/women/wookies
  5. Yeah that whole rapture / dominion thing really pisses me off It is tough believe my fellow Merkins are rational, sentient beings when shit like this goes down
  6. Very loose and very fun show. I was concerned that the band might be a bit tuckered out after five straight days on the road but they brought the goods and then some. Outstanding intimate venue with some of the best sound (THANK YOU STAN AND CREW) ever for a Wilco show Theologians might have been the highlight - just a furious reading of that song Very good clap along to Spiders and Casino
  7. Here's how I see it SBS songs on the record 3/5 SBS songs live 5/5 While the record versions of SBS songs are and will remain interesting, they are another magnitude of greatness live. SBS just reaffirms that all truly great bands must be seen live.
  8. I have two extra Wilmingtons for 8/10 Parquet Circle (first tier), Row D, Left Side Looking to trade for 2 Tanglewoods in the first 20 rows
  9. YHF is a phenomenal album That article is a phenomenal pile of horse dung
  10. Dont worry, Glenn would still be there just behind the kit (unless he gets one of those great all in one drum stools like Ira from Nada Surf has). And for that matter , Mikael would still need a piano somewhere. Yes, they have played acousticy (great new word) encores in the past, and they essentially played a Wilco unplugged set at the end of a Jeff solo show and at a recent benefit. But what would be most intriguing would be one entire night of acoustic numbers. As to the songs, we all know the songs they normally play that way, what is more intriguing is what they might rework (im
  11. Given the wealth of acoustic numbers and quieter arrangements in the catalog, what chance might there be that one (or more) nights would be composed of those songs only? Or might they do an acoustic "mini-set" somewhere in the set each night? I would love to see this. Imagine all five minus Glenn on stools at the edge of the stage (channels the Dead and Zep quite nicely!!)
  13. Best Band - PKB at Pritzker (chased that song for SIX years!) Best Solo - Spontaneous unplugged Acuff by Tweedy mid set during power failure in Red Bank Wilco show Best missed - Warsaw or Denver 1 and 2
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