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    Wilco, Wes Anderson, The Rolling Stones, Martin Scorsese, Otis Redding, Judd Apatow, Duane Allman era Allman Brothers Band, The Office, Pre Johnny Marr Modest Mouse, Cameron Crowe, Frightened Rabbit, Band of Horses, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, So music and film is what I am typing (saying) here... btw, my profile name is from my favorite Modest Mouse lyric (My Brain's the cliff and my heart's the bitter buffalo)
  1. Not a bad show, but I was pretty disappointed in a very chatty cathy crowd. It makes me feel better that as much as that kind of shit annoys me, we all know how well it goes over with Mr. Tweedy. One Wing was the only slight letdown for me, it just felt kinda flat. Other than that, the main set was tight and the encore was extremely energetic. I know the hardcore "I've seen Wilco 37 times" guys wouldn't mind, but I gotta say I was hoping for either Via Chicago or Misunderstood in the set and was a bit sad that neither were played. Oh well, so many wonderful new songs off the new record th
  2. It's great. I don't know if I like ti more than Magic Potion but it is still pretty fuckin dank.
  3. 1. My dog's reaction to me coming home. 2. Hearing someone say bless you after a sneeze. 3. Uncontrolable laughter 4. Seeing a couple on a date 5. Being in a public place and hearing a song come on that most people don't know and then watching as everyone falls in love with it. 6. A Newcastle in a dim, empty bar. 7. A child's opinion. 8. Getting a call out of the blue from my mother on a bad day. 9. My sisters baked and crackin on everything. 10. Being curled up on the sofa with someone you love.
  4. There should totally be like a ten second delay before it comes on. Like a black screen with text that says we are about to show the the most fucked up comercial- ever.
  5. LMFAO, I totally didn't catch it! Bottle Rocket belongs at 6.
  6. The new Black Keys record is just as awesome as the new Vampire Weekend and the new Frightened Rabbit. Finally got Valleys of Neptune and its pretty bitchin too. The new Freelance Whales album isn't as good as the albums I just mentioned but it ain't bad neither if you want something strange and indie.
  7. I am loving all the contributions to this. Thank you all so much. I have learned a ton and been turned on to alot of new stuff.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to read it and I truly dug your feedback.
  9. Awesome man! Thanks for the knowledge!
  10. I haven't had a chance to hear the new one yet but I can't wait. I can't believe more people aren't on that band.
  11. Let him, that is what makes the office, no one part is greater than the other.
  12. There is no doubt in my mind that The Royal Tenenbaums is my favorite movie e-v-e-r. It was like the first time I heard Wilco lol.
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