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  1. Well, that was easy - all set with our tickets! See you all 6/23/17!
  2. The whole thing sounds awesome x 1000. LOVE.
  3. I'm all over You Satellite. Wow.
  4. I was going strictly through frontgate via wilcoworld...cest la vie, so all good - I'm lookimg forward to scoring a pair of tix tomorrow - can't WAIT to see them!
  5. Very true! I grew up in Akron, btw - the Civic is a beautiful facility!
  6. There was no live presale link for the Akron show. Pretty hard to order online if there's no link.
  7. LOVED the show last night - the new stuff sounds awesome (I think someone referenced AGIB, and I have to agree)...Thx so much for posting the setlist!
  8. For SSF2, SSF3 (and now, SSF4) we just rented a house - slightly pricier depending on the rental, but well worth it to be able to lock something in so far ahead. The runaround we got from the hotels in the area was just too much hassle. This thread should be about 100 pages long by the time we get to SSF4.
  9. We didn't get a chance to check out the Steeplecats this year, but we did in 2011, and it was a lot of fun - I think it's a level below A ball or something - really a cool experience! Yeah, we just couldn't believe how easy the parking was (same thing at SSF2) - we parked at the front lot (literally in front of MASS MoCA, by the overpass - not sure if that was Lot 3...) Friday, and then Sat/Sun the bigger lots - none were far, nor a hassle and all lots were attended at all times - likely by volunteers. Very impressive.
  10. Yeah, I have to agree - North Adams is such a nice, unassuming little town (with a very, very hip and world class museum). We've been to SSF2 as well as this year's, and both times, we had a blast. We stayed in Williamstown (also very, very charming), and managed to get up to Vermont a little bit, too. Love the whole area, and can't wait for SSF4! We were amazed how well both towns (and the whole area, really) absorbed the influx of people, media, bands etc. - they really were gracious hosts. And, this might sound like small stuff (and I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it), but the par
  11. I kinda agree on Neko - I like her music, but the banter seemed strained and tedious...The Relatives were excellent...
  12. Hey VC-ers, just wanted to jump in and say how much we're looking forward to SSF3 - we were there in 2011 (still drying out) and are SO jazzed about this year! We're leaving tomorrow a.m. and we should be there by 4 or so...we'll be looking for the VC table, so we can say hi! I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve right about now... (I requested "Roadrunner", and I know I'm not alone, but hey...lol)
  13. I guess my original post got answered! Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be able to do a mid-week... We'll see all of you at Solid Sound though - and we may hit Nelsonville 6/1, too...
  14. The hotel thing was a huge hassle in 2011 and it's been no different this time around...lotta runarounds, bad info etc...so, like 2011, we just went through homeaway.com (costs a little more) and scored some nice digs. There isn't a ton of places, (Williamstown has the most it seems) but it's well worth looking into...
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