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  1. Wilco to play spanish festival this summer (at Vilanova i la Geltrú, 50 km from Barcelona). http://cultura.elpais.com/cultura/2015/10/16/actualidad/1444983947_767029.html http://www.en.vidafestival.com/
  2. Hi there. I was at the show too and I'm quite sure that after "Sky Blue Sky" they played "In a Future Age" and not "One by One". Can anyone confirm this? Great show as usual, anyway. Highlights: "Pot Kettle Black", "Handshake drugs", "I'm the man who loves you" and the first encore. Sunken treasure You are my face Side with the seeds I am trying to break your heart Pot kettle black Handshake drugs Impossible Germany Sky Blue Sky In a Future Age Too far apart Jesus etc Hate it Here Walken I'm the man who loves you Hummingbird On and On Encore 1 What Light California Stars Forget the flo
  3. Razzmatazz has no seats. It's a pretty big venue (2.000 people or so) and there are still tickets available. It's the fourth time the play in Barcelona (fifth if you count Tweedy's solo show last year). Have fun.
  4. Some translated quotes (I did my best): What
  5. http://www.ep3.es/edigitales/entrevista.html?encuentro=2644
  6. I knew they had issues during Mermaid Avenue, but I don't think they hate each other. Am being I too naive?
  7. http://wilcoworld.net/tours/index.php http://www.primaverasound.com They already played there just before AGIB was released. Billy Bragg is in the lineup too. Any chance they share stage for a song or two?
  8. My condolences to the Tweedy family.
  9. There's a new winter festival in Barcelona (Spain) and Jeff Tweedy has just been added to the line up. http://www.primaveraclub.com See you there.
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