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    I have an extra set for both nights in Boston: Thursday, 10/10 Orch C Row Q Friday, 10/11 Orch R Row X Email is jeffrey.mcfarland@gmail.com
  2. Spent $300 and can't make it. I'd be happy to recoupe half my expense. Let me know!
  3. 2 for Orch Row O. Face value of course and can email them.
  4. If anyone has a line on a hotel room for the weekend, please let me know! My wife and I messed up and waited to book...slim pickings out there...
  5. I watched the webcast and Slow Love live is amazing. It caused me to listen to it on repeat in the car this morning.
  6. Any idea why the audio only version is not showing up in the iTunes podcast?
  7. Let me know if anyone wants them.
  8. Nobody Dies Anymore is beautiful...I dont know if it is Jeff's voice or lyrics, but I havent felt like that from a song since One Sunday Morning...on a depressed day I could listen to it on repeat all day (there's an album blurb!).
  9. Got caught in a work meeting and was shut out for Boston! If anyone has a pair, let me know. Hoping scalping prices aren't terrible.
  10. If there are some music buffs here at Mass Mocz that can chime in with a live set list (I would but I expect I will not know many of the songs), that would be great!
  11. Match tent has some nice stuff. There are @4 posters. I like a couple of them but the owl one posted above is the only one that is art (I like the entering solid sound one but wall space is limited). There is a very cool 'baseball jersey' sweatshirt (gray body red sleeves) that I got my wife. Cute kids jersey of a rabbit playing a carot guitar.
  12. If the Bruins do win tonight, I will need to find a bar close to Mass Moca to watch the game at. I've seen Wilco 20+ times, as much as I'd hate it, I would skip the show Sat night to watch the B's win the cup. Any ideas for bar close to Moca to watch a game at?
  13. I'd love to do the 11:30 dinner but I'll be toast by then. Decided to grab 2 tickets for the earlier tasting event...
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