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  1. In the grand scheme of things, IMO of course, UT is adequately rated. If you asked me, I realize nobody did, I would say Brinsley Schwarz is tragically underrated given the quality of the music compared to the lack of attention.
  2. Thankful he includes CO on his solo tours, haven't missed one yet. It was a good time.
  3. Great album. But not crazy about it yet .
  4. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the Harmony Sovereign, specifically the H1260. For the money tough to beat.
  5. I'd do some looking around on Yelp and Open Table for suggestions (reviews) about things to eat and do in Boulder. Things are very hit and miss there, I've lived within 15-30 miles of Boulder my entire life. As far as food goes some of the best places are off the beaten path, up the road in Longmont, or in odd locations around Boulder proper. I suggest looking at Open Table because it's easy to link to menus and somewhat honest reviews, you can't post a review unless you've made a reservation and the restaurant confirms your visit. Problem I have dining in Boulder is the prices, what many rest
  6. Ha, I had no idea he wasn't sitting where he eventually ended up standing. He obviously tried to justify it by flapping his arms around in an effort to encourage others, like anyone but him was ready to rush the stage, yo we weren't at a Jonas Bros show. Honestly I've never seen someone so twitterpated at a Wilco\Jeff show, the wild overhead clapping was a bit much, fully expected him to start waving a lighter. I'm guessing Jeff's Bay City Rollers comment made to those folks wasn't a compliment. Moss, username sounds familiar. Are you the guy I gave my extra ticket to at the Jeff show at the
  7. Better show for night 2, better vibe, better set list etc. Yes the crowd was better, the audience participation was more interaction than interruption, not just random people forcing themselves into the show like the night before. It makes a difference, his mood was far better as a result. Though I am surprised he says some of the stuff he does, it was bordering on invitation since much of it inspired those who were firmly in their shells previously to come out. Either way, as mentioned earlier the flow of the show was more suited to it Sat.
  8. I suppose distaste for the crowd being disruptive depends on how close you are to the offenders. I am all for people having a good time and my expectations are realistic, it's gonna happen. I was unlucky and sat near the really loud guy, he thought he was entertaining enough to take a bow, and another that spent the first half of the show telling anyone near him about his fan credentials. According to him he was Uncle Tupelo's very first fan and has been a devoted follower since. When that is happening it's difficult to tune out.
  9. Been a while since I've posted here. Anyway, good show not great, I actually liked the distortion of Jeff's vocals on Spiders's, gave it a cool effect that almost seemed intentional. The big-mouthed dork was annoying, yes you Mr. I have to try inject myself into the show because I think I'm cool, you're not. Maybe all the trucker hatted, western wearing, show interupting wannabe's will be in the balcony tonight. Loved the Handsome Family, great set, nice picking on that Esquire Steve.
  10. Not sure about anything other than I'd feel better now, while still alive, knowing that the song chosen was performed by Peter Green. However whether it be Man Of The World or Rattlesnake Shake probably wouldn't matter.
  11. I've been at every RR Wilco appearance and it's always the same, not enough power. This will be my last. Until this band can find a way to project a song loud enough to overcome the intimate conversation in row 30 it seems like like they aren't ready for big venues. When the opener is louder you have problems getting across. I left feeling the band was anemic, again.
  12. Considering MJ is already the fourth best selling artist ever with 750 million albums it's safe to assume his music would have continued to sell alive or dead. To put that in perspective that's 450 million more albums than Led Zep has sold and it took 16 years before Black Sabbath's first album sold a million in the US.
  13. Really? It's coming down to whether or not MJ was "normal". Hmm seems like a non-issue to me considering every rock star since Elvis has either fucked their cousin or engaged in some form of freakiness. Hi, Iggy and Bowie. A shout out to Chuck Berry and his coprophagia. Not to mention the 13 yr girls who scratched the pioneers of r&r's back. Sure MJ was eccentric, but so is every other 170M selling artist. Wait is there another one still alive. Crazy how intolerant rock fans can be. Is this a GOP convention or...Where's Ryan Adams and his rake when you need him.
  14. You can still buy brand new CIJ JM's as well as other models, several Japanese eBay stores specialize in Japanese guitars new and used. The difference between MIJ and CIJ Fender's is only the production date, 82-97 is MIJ and mid 97-current are CIJ. There's a lot of nonsense about one being better than the other but the reality is it's a date thing only. There is a difference in Japanese Fender's some weren't even made by Fender, they farm out work like any other company. Some of the mid 90's Fender's came out of Tokai's Japanese factories. Good price on the JM. I've had a couple, bought a
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