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  1. I'm needing two tickets for the Ithaca show. Anyone with extras? Thanks! Will
  2. Regarding Paul Rigby - If the dedication within the record is what I think it is, looks like he is a new father. More than warrants a rest from touring, but man, he sure sounded good playing with Rauhouse when I saw Neko last year. Love the new record, carry on...
  3. Norman Blake Doug Paisley Paul Rigby Jon Rauhouse (Pedal Steel) Taylor Goldsmith
  4. Message from Mid-bar, Sunloathe... Bustin' out the rare and neglected.
  5. Blake Mills - Break Mirrors. Not sure how many here have givin it a listen, but it's really, really good! I think it was originally recorded as a "calling card" of sorts for his musicianship/producing skills, and the song writing is top notch too. Headphones or nice warm speakers bring out lots of slide guitar flourishes and vocal layers that create a really wondeful sounding album. I'd throw the Whole Love and Time Out of Mind in there along with Doug Paisley's Constant Companion. Not a lot of studio trickery going on, but rather a lot of warm background sounds. Garth Hudson's on the
  6. Added a "new" Trini Lopez to the fleet. It's had some intense repairs and is missing a few priginal parts, but I'm not one to give a hoot about those things as long as it plays and sounds great. Next to it is my '92 GFI SD-10 pedal steel and my '61 J-45 - another beat up vintage player. Hey, they sound swell, thank goodness the collectors don't want them.
  7. I'm working through Narrow Way right now, and I'm pretty pleased with what I'm hearing. Dylan's voice is sounding particularly strong so far - seems there's a focus on tenderness in the way he sings that was missing in TTL, and he sounds superb on Soon After Midnight. If only he'd quick barkin' during his live act...
  8. I'm pretty sure the only involvement with Hunter occured on Duquesne Whistle - the rest are Dylan.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ndXoaqMJKHA Narrow Way's up as well.
  10. Have you watched the film Heartworn Highways? Excellent film on singer songwriters/country artists, but Steve Earle in 1975 will throw ya' way off.
  11. Amazing show. linclink, were you standing front row right smack-dab in the middle with a notebook and pen for the setlist? Loved the song selection, and the birthday nod to Stan was just about the nicest thing I've ever seen happen at a concert. After the crowd cleared out I walked over to the side of the stage with a small group of fans and we all ended up getting invited by John to join the "after party" behind the bowl. Got to meet Pat, John and Mikeal. Glenn was hanging out too, but I didn't get a chance to go over and say hi. I'm still in complete amazment this happened - my luck
  12. I'm pretty sure the gates are where South Ave and Robinson Drive meet. I could be wrong, but that's where they were located the last time I visited. There are plenty of parking spaces in nearby residential streets. The neighborhood's nearby are mostly quiet, but I wouldn't leave anything in plain sight inside the car once you park. The area has gotten better, but still needs some work. For the Lilac Festival a lot in the nearby elementary school was opened for paid parking, not sure if it will be done this Friday, but certainly keep an eye open - it's across the street from the Highland H
  13. I'll be attending the Rochester, NY show as well and will probably be doing the exact same thing as you. Good luck, and may we both be sucessful in meeting one'a tha' Wilco's.
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