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  1. Bumping! Remember the days of 6 page threads in after the show? This show looks amazing and is the new nugs recording. 2 hours 45 minutes. Wow.
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    Alas, I went to a closer shop with an inferior staff for this RSD drop. I think you are right about it being great with the young artists and imagine that was a much more fun approach than if Jeff had had to work with Roger McGuinn or Neil Young for example.
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    Picked up the vinyl today via RSD. Casino Queen is really killer. I would love to see classic rock artists put together a volume II.
  4. Liam and James are tagged in Wilco's instagram post so it seems safe to assume they are playing. I believe the show Jeff did in Evanston on the golf course was billed in some places as the Jeff Tweedy Band? Curious to know if they'll play any Wilco songs at the drive in.
  5. https://www.jambase.com/article/wilco-trampled-by-turtles-september-2021-tour
  6. He's onto bluegrass now, right?
  7. I'm sure they are inundated with requests and weren't staffed to handle that kind of thing. 18 days between request and refund actually doesn't seem that bad to me.
  8. Vegas show is refund upon request fwiw. That show was handled by TicketWeb.
  9. Going to check this out! Thanks for posting Feel fortunate to have caught them in 2005 at 9:30 club! Originally intended to be recorded for the live album that became Kicking Television
  10. nalafej

    2020 Touring

    Unless Illinois' re-opening plan changes the show in Chicago will need to be rescheduled until after a vaccine is available. I wonder if they'll attempt a tour with SK and perform in states with looser gathering restrictions??
  11. but the other news is that they've confirmed they are rescheduling some of the shows. I think that would be: Seattle, Vancouver, Portland, Santa Rosa, Oakland, San Jose, LA and Vegas.
  12. Jason Narducy is playing shows this week! Pretty cool setup: Appearing at the inaugural Space To-Go Concerts series on Saturday, May 9, will be Evanston's own Jason Narducy of Split Single, Superchunk, and Bob Mould Band. Each unique concert will include the following items. Click the link below to reserve your concert now. Each Space To-Go Concert includes: • 30-minute performance on your front lawn or in your backyard. This is not unplugged, but is solo. • Small groups of neighbors are welcome to join, as long as they keep a safe distance • 2 Detroit-style pizzas from Union Squared (ready to bake) • Drinks for 10 people • 1 Dozen Cookies from Noir d'Ebene • Assorted Space swag
  13. nalafej

    2020 Touring

    Dave Matthews pushed their 2020 tour to 2021. Expecting Wilco to cancel summer 2020 within the next 30 days.
  14. It's not doing it for me. And I definitelky think they've done better since the 70s: Emotional Resuce (the song), She's So Cold, Start Me Up, Love is Strong, You Got Me Rocking, The Worst, Out of Control, Saint of Me, I could name a few more even deeper cuts.
  15. So great. Are those two different Kay-Settes shirts? I still have mine from the Ghost tour.
  16. Thanks for recapping these! I tend to catch a little each night but not all. We are fortunate that they are doing these each night. I'm sort of curious if they'll ever cover a song from the last 20 years.
  17. Ok. I'll play. I was late to the REM arriving for Monster tour in Ann Arbor which was fantastic. Went to Blossom in OH to see them & Wilco Summerteeth era and we were on the lawn. The sky opened up raining cats and dogs for the It's the End of the World encore which I still vividly remember 22 years later. Made a Wilcation out of the 2003 shows where Wilco opened for REM in Vancouver and Seattle and wow were those great shows for both bands. Subpar United Center show in '08 with National & Modest Mouse
  18. Yesterday, looking for an pandemic activity, 3 Wilco fans and I drafted and created a 10 song album of Wilco (+Mermaid) originals. Your vote matters. Who did it best? Also, what song would be your first pick? Mods, feel free to delete if this is too far off brand for 'Just a Fan' Album A Side 1: Misunderstood You Are My Face War on War I'm Always in Love Impossible Germany Album A Side 2: Airline to Heaven Passenger Side Hell is Chrome The Late Greats Bob Dylan's Beard Album B Side 1: I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Hate it Here Via Chicago Forget the Flowers Too Far Apart Album B Side 2: Hummingbird Remember the Mountain Bed Monday Jesus, Etc Reservations Album C Side 1: One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend) Poor Places Spiders (Kidsmoke) Side with the Seeds Theologians Album C Side 2: Box Full of Letters What's the World Got in Store Ashes of American Flags One by One A Shot in the Arm Album D Side 1: Random Name Generator I'm the Man Who Loves You Nothing'severgonnastandinmyway(again) California Stars Handshake Drugs Album D Side 2: Hotel Arizona Sunken Treasure Art of Almost How to Fight Loneliness At Least That's What You Said
  19. Why did anyone give this thing a good review? 3-4 decent songs, but....
  20. This Lucius / Courtney one is fantastic. Wilco cover included.
  21. Any reviews of last night's Tweedy fam stream? I caught a solid performance of Solitaire with Susie's commentary layered on top.
  22. I might check out the Bela Fleck stream tonight. Whitney is doing one tomorrow that should be good.
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