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  1. I was sitting at home yesterday, Labor Day, and the doorbell rang. I was angry at first, my dog is old, and he still feels inclined to bark, even at 14. The mood changed when I saw it was my vinyl copy of Schmilco. I had purposely avoided the leaks, and was half hoping some were bogus, so I knew nothing of the album save for the three tracks the band had released. I truly love this album. It may be because I am 50, and out of nowhere over the past couple of years I have started to look back on occasion, rather than the full steam forward mode I had been in my entire life. Not nostalgic, b
  2. Thanks, what a great post. I am tryin to rebuild my collection and this was a perfect welcome back guide.
  3. I fell in love with her after listening to the Ricky Gervais Show on XFM from London. It is sad I had to get turned on to her by online radio from London but Stephen Merchant was a fan and I heard Cigarettes and Red Vines, bought the album, and the rest is history,
  4. Exactly what I was worried about. I knew Ieft out a band. Good call on Mercury Rev
  5. Sorry, I sound like I am sixty and bitching about some clown named Pink Floyd or Jethro Tull. I do like the Black Keys though. I like the year end lists, they turn me on to bands I missed, or albums I heard one track from that I didn't like then it turns out I was wrong. Bon Iver goes in the Mumford and Sons pile for me. Judge not, however, lest Wilco be judged.
  6. At first I thought of Capital City as kind of a throw away (let he/she who has not sinned....). No I love the song. Heard it Lyric Opera show and it is a great tension breaker, for lack of a better word. Wilco songs tend to have personal lyrics, and while they likely have a firm meaning for Jeff I like taking them and applying them to myself in one way or another. Capital City has me torn between being the voice of someone who moved to the city and misses his girlfriend or someone who moves, has started a new life, doesn't want her to see his new life, so he will come back home and visit.
  7. Thanks. Can't wait for February 4.
  8. Great review. It seems like as time goes on the album gains more traction. I still don'tget Bon Iver though. I can listen to a song now and then, but Bon Iver in their totality just doesn't make it for me. Music is a to each its own thing, and am glad they are held in hig hesteem, it seems they work hard at what they do and that more than anything makes me want to like them, I just don't. i j
  9. Heard a rumor today, totally unsubstantiated, and from a guy who said the album title was Get Well Soon Everybody and it was a double album, that a show at Wrigley Field is in the works. I can think of a dozen reasons why not, starting with they didn't sell the second night at UIC in 2009, but would definitely like to see this if it happened. Again, though, while this guy has been right in the past, he also had us go to asouth side bar straight out of the one Otter, Boone, and their dates from the college where the girl died in a kiln fire went to. We were to see the Rolling Stones after s
  10. I always wondered if those worked. I end up thinkin to myself try this out.... and never do. That is great though. I am curious if you bought other stuff off promos like this? I am not a marketer or someone who will profit from it, just someone who is curious how this works.
  11. Between the great work Owl and Bear have put forth, and the roadcase of late, I am up to 600 gigs of Wilco live. I just bought space on the Amazon cloud and Wilco will be up there, so folks within my general area are not only entering a sea of foot odor if my shoes are off, but a cloud of Wilco as well. Hoping no one with EMF sensitivities goes on a shooting binge because they are accidentally bathed in Bull Black Nova bits and bytes. Hopefully happy songs like Whole Love surround the outside of the cloud. I know so little about this stuff that I can't believe I am capable of using it.
  12. What a great idea. The concept was one of those I can't believe I didn't think of this moments, like when in the movie Kingpin I was introduced to the The Jefferson's On Ice. It is a great album, sort of obscure outside of Wilco circles, covered by bands that are obsucre outside of Wisconsin music scene circles. Couldn't find She's a Jar, the one I really wanted to hear, but made a donation anyway. I have a pursuit now, some Wisco, hopefully some dogs, cats, and whatever else the Humane Society helps have a little more money, and my daughters and I feel good because we did something nice.
  13. A couple of guys I shared a hose with in college were from Belleville and knew Jay Farrar. We followed Uncle Tupelo around, Jay was not the most likeable of fellows, and when AM came out I opted or Wilco, although I did think Trace was pretty good too. Can't believe how good the band became. Same enthusiasm they had n the old days, but they are ahell of a lot better now. At the same time we were hanging at early Tupelo shows a friend of a friend was close with the singer in Night Ranger. Glad I took the path of long term fulfilment over the instant gratification of become a Ranger Rover,
  14. The Edit hits home. The funniest thing I read in a year end wrap up of best albums, songs, and performances was a snide remark about the Whole Love. The commenter liked the album, but then mentioned that the Jeff Tweedy weather report was proof that if JEff walked on stage, took a dump, and walked off, not only fans but critics would hail the load he dropped as majestic and art in its purest form. If the review stopped there itwould have been funny, but he went on to give a critics description as follows: It was brown, tan, maybe ecru, with perfect marbeling and ridges that spoke to the v
  15. Yeah, and we would make fun of you. It is not personal.
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