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  1. not into "EDM" and had never heard a Daft Punk album.... but man I'm LOVING this new one.
  2. leaving doors half open today........
  3. still feeling this loss. took me a while to write it (and proud to have it published on The Steam Engine music blog and not just my own modest little blog).... My remembrance of Songs:Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co singer/songwriter Jason Molina: http://thesteamengine.net/home/hope-dies-last-remembering-jason-molina.html …
  4. Why Alex was the MVP of Van Halen: http://bumslogic.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/1510/
  5. TLF18

    The Who

    the other day i met 2 (TWO!) people who'd never HEARD OF The Who. didn't even ring a bell, with the logo staring them in the face and me telling them they're a classic rock band. seriously, true story, please read: http://http://bumslogic.wordpress.com/2013/04/07/the-who-pop-culture-shock-at-a-pizza-place/
  6. no mentiones of Questlove? he's incredible. also: ALEX VAN HALEN. other personal favorites who'd mostly been mentioned: John Bonham Stewart Copeland Mitch Mitchell Keith Moon
  7. here's my official column/list about my favorite albums of the year: http://bumslogic.wordpress.com/2012/12/24/best-albums-of-2012-not-just-a-list/ of those 20 or so.... if i had to pick the best of the best i guess it would be: Chuck Prophet - Temple Beautiful Patterson Hood - Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance Jack White - Blunderbuss Willy Mason - Carry On Jimmy Cliff - Rebirth Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth
  8. first, goes without saying that we "DONT CARE" about the RnR HOF. like the Grammys. we know it's political/popularity contest for industry douches..... that said... not a huge massive Rush fanboy... but i like them and think they are deserving. as for Public Enemy.... P.E. prolly had more electric guitars on their records than ABBA and some other bollocks in the HOF. obviously plenty of pop, hiphop, blues, etc. have already gone in the hall. considering PE's towering influence and innovation, along with the fact that they were practically defined by a "rebellious spirit," they certainl
  9. hey guys, here's something I wrote about the new Zeppelin CD/DVD set.... please click and share if you dig it! Why the New Zeppelin Set is Better Than a Reunion Tour: http://bumslogic.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/celebrating-zeppelin/ oh, and also... i really LOVE the Presence album. of course i celebrate the whole catalog in general. might choose Physical Graffiti if i HAD to pick just one album... but yea, i came to presence many many years later. underrated gem.
  10. thanks guys! great show: we were on the aisle between 104 and 105, barely half way up (row K). solid seats. perfect for big visual show like that. Radiohead killed it. hate to rave about a "light show," but their backdrops, lighting, screens, etc is fuckin great. National Anthem and Paranoid Android were both bananas. only setlist complaint was no "everything in it's right place." slept from 1am to 530. Setlist 01 Bloom 02 Airbag 03 Kid A 04 Bodysnatchers 05 Staircase 06 Codex 07 Meeting In The Aisle 08 The National Anthem 09 Nude 10 Morning Mr Magpie 11 Identikit 12 Lotus Flower 13
  11. anyone seen or know someone who's seen radiohead recently and know what time they start? doors 6pm, "start time" is 730, support act is Carribou. so Radiohead at 830? thanks
  12. nice, i'm jealous... still no Jack White show in the Baltimore/DC area. he's playing a festival in Delaware, not THAT far away, but considering it's a weekend-long sleepover festival and it's certainly out of the market, there's gotta be a jwiii show coming around here at somepoint. i hope. saw Avett Brothers last week and they were great as usual. seeing Radiohead in a couple weeks.
  13. i posted this in the Adam Yauch thread, but here's something I wrote connecting Yauch to Sandak: here's something i wrote last night connecting Maurice Sendak and Adam Yauch: Where the Beastie Things Are
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