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  1. AMAZING gig! I've seen Wilco a lot of times, even flew over from Ireland for this, and this was close to the best. Venue was cool and we had nice seats a few rows up off the floor, but at the encore we walked over the the railings at the stairs and watched from the side. From here we could see things like after the 1st song in the encore Jeff seemed to mention the songs they were adding to John and Patt- so I guess he decides. Also Jeffs voice sounded so bloody great ! ! And he looked quite dapper in his suit jacket and hat. One particular thing I noticed on the tour was how great the harm
  2. Bump to this, in Berlin and will just get there for 9 i think- anybody know what time the german gigs have been at ? Site says doors at 7, show starts at 8, I presume that means Jonathan Wilson at 8? Wilco about 9 ?
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