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  1. Seems like I missed some fun after the Cologne Show.
  2. Offical Setlist: One Sunday Morning Art of Almost I Might Handshake Drugs Spiders (kidsmoke) Impossible Germany Born Alone Laminated Cat (aka Not For the Season) Shouldn’t Be Ashamed Via Chicago Sky Blue Sky When You Wake Up Feeling Whole Love Must Be High Heavy Metal Drummer I'm the Man Who Loves You Dawned On Me Hummingbird Shot In the Arm .. Ashes of American Flags Magazine Called Sunset Forget the Flowers Hate It Here Walken Outtasite (Outta Mind) I'm not sure if it's correct, I thought they played Outtasite first and then Walken? Great ending for a long tour with a lot of surprises.
  3. Here is the offical Setlist: One Sunday Morning Poor Places Art Of Almost I Might Sunken Treasure Spiders (kidsmoke) Impossible Germany Born Alone Side with the Seeds Radio Cure Sky Blue Sky Handshake Drugs Whole Love Box Full of Letters Always In Love Heavy Metal Drummer Dawned On Me Hummingbird Shot In the Arm .. Via Chicago Jesus, etc. Hate It Here Walken I'm the Man Who Loves You .. The Lonely 1 Another great show, the audience was really enthusiastic. It was a seated room, but during the end of Art of Almost, after a security guy stopped to girls dancing in the front row, some peo
  4. I'm back from my Wilco-Adventure, tired but very happy. Three shows in a row and all were awesome. I requested Sky blue sky for all the German shows and they really played it three times. Unbelievable! I never heard it live before so you can imagine my joy when I heard them starting the song in Stuttgart. Other than that I loved in Stuttgart especially the ending with Hoodoo Voodoo, so much fun!
  5. Wilco just posted this on Facebook: Listen to Wilco today, Live from Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona. Tune in 21.30 Barcelona / 2.30p Chicago. http://www.rtve.es/radio/radio3/
  6. They played Bull Black Nova in Luxembourg. It's on the audience recording and I remember them playing it because I like that song.
  7. Great show yesterday! I enjoyed it really much and danced a lot. The Band seemed to have a lot of fun too. I loved to hear Sunken Treasure, one of my favourites, never heard it live before. After the Show we met all of them, that was definitly a highlight, all of them were very friendly and posed for pictures. Great evening!
  8. there will be a DVD this march it's a double DVD with the original 7 Worlds Collide Concert Movie from 2001 and the documentary about the "the sun came out" project. http://www.madman.com.au/catalogue/view/17196/7-worlds-collide
  9. There will be a Radio Broadcast on Bayern2 (31 december 3.05pm), but I think only around 55 minutes: http://www.br.de/radio/bayern2/programmkalender/programmfahne102~_date-2011-12-31_-686778aeb742d2a779e03f10cadd5d3bbf3aaa6b.html
  10. Nice to hear Black Moon again Looking forward to the Broadcast of the show!
  11. Another great show. I was especially glad to hear Capitol City, Radio Cure, Jesus etc. (because they didn't played that in Berlin) and Someday soon. Art of Almost live really rocks!
  12. I'm back from my Wilco Adventure, three concerts in a row (Berlin, Utrecht, Tilburg), and Berlin was definitly the best. What a great setlist! I think the band was happy to see the audience dancing right from the beginning of the show, so they played an extra long encore. At first the securitys wouldn't let us go to the front, but eventually they gave up. It was so great to hear She's a jar live again. Other Highlights for me were Black Moon (the Harmonies sounded beautiful!), One sunday morning (I love this song), Company in my back and Hummingbird.
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