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  1. Loved Purple Rain. My notions of what songs Jeff can do justice to has expanded greatly.
  2. It was so great that Mavis was watching.
  3. I'm sure there is a lot of truth in what you're saying. It is kind of puzzling in Dallas/Irving, though, because the venue that they've played the last 2 times through can be configured as GA, as it has been for every other show I've seen there. Maybe it has to do with struggling to sell out there, which might be even harder to do with that large GA section up front. There aren't really any other venues in Dallas of the same capacity or slightly smaller that would provide a good mix of GA and seats. Bomb Factory is mostly GA, South Side Ballroom is all-GA. Majestic Theater, McFarlin Auditorium
  4. I still don't get why they book seated venues and then complain about it. Someone besides Jeff is booking them, sure, but all he has to do is say "knock it off" and then problem solved.
  5. Best Jeff line of the night for me was when he said while introducing Hold Me Anyway: "And we wrote a song specifically for this type of occasion. Somebody called me a liar last night when I said that. He's dead now."
  6. I've been baffled why if Jeff wants everyone standing and fired up (which I concur with), every show in the DFW area since the Palladium show in 2009 has been booked in a venue with no GA section. UNT Auditorium, Fair Park Music Hall, McFarlin Auditorium, and Toyota Music Factory. It's almost always resulted in tension because lots of people are sitting. Same thing in Austin in 2017 at Bass Hall ("you guys look like an oil painting"). I think it ruined the 2011 show because the band wasn't drawing any energy from the crowd (they only played 20 songs and Jeff seemed pissed). At Toyota, both tim
  7. That "way to read the room, dude" line from Jeff was hilarious.
  8. I was surprised at how unprepared this venue was in some respects. It just opened about a month ago, and they had to move or reschedule about a week's worth of shows when they missed their original opening date. To get to the entrance, we had to walk from the parking garage on the east side along the north side of the building, and as we went we had to weave among pieces of rebar, sandbags, and giant holes in the ground, all while it was pouring rain. It seemed very unsafe. Then when we got in, after our tickets were scanned we were told that our tickets were being upgraded. We had row J seats
  9. There's a photo of the setlist on Instagram that has Remember The Mountain Bed in place of Forget The Flowers. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZ0hMmUl0z-/
  10. Jeff apologized for flubbing the first verse because his sheet with the lyrics blew over right as he was about to start singing. He looked up, shook his fist, and gave a sarcastic "Thanks, Tom!"
  11. I wish they wouldn't book these venues that only have seats. It messes up the energy of the crowd when half the people are sitting and half are standing. Last night the couple next to me left not long after most of the people started standing. I think we're going to see the same problem in Dallas tomorrow night. Playing places with GA floors and seated balconies would work a lot better.
  12. jhuml1

    Presale help

    Finally got my confirmation email for the first Austin show at about 1:30.
  13. jhuml1

    Presale help

    Got my confirmation e-mail for the 2nd Austin show pretty quickly, but still waiting for one for the first show (which I actually purchased first).
  14. Keep trying - I just got tickets for Austin.
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