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  1. Just binged the 4 episodes of My Life as a Rolling Stone that were made available on BBC iPlayer as the first went out on air. Each of an hour focusing on the 4 individuals. Mick - bit bland. The usual kind of music biog type thing but with some good clips. Keith - Anything where the Old Devil sits down and chats is, of course, great. Ronnie - Really really good and learnt some things. Charlie - Wow, this was fantastic. Have such a warm fuzzy feeling after watching. Highlight was seeing his touring tea set. Most bizarre thing - Bill airbrushed out of histo
  2. Ta Betty. I'm thinking that with all your hectic touring there must be 50 ways to leave your luggage?
  3. Outrageous! All I can say is that it's lucky you didn't post this on the Facebook site or the fur would be really flying. I need to log off, have a cup of tea and calm down. Then I will come back and ask the admins to get you banned.
  4. Tatty does just about sum me up. In other news, looking forward to a virtual Glastonbury via the wall to wall BBC coverage. Will be worshipping at the altar of Macca tomorrow. Think it would be a fine time to retire actually, but he probably just loves playing.
  5. Another morning, another day on tour in Spain for Bbop. Hope your notebook is still readable.
  6. You can enjoy our Scotish/Welsh joshing, but just watch how we unite in a celtic shield-wall of defiance once any English get involved. BTW, the Welsh are, or course, the original 'Britons'. The English are merely recent uncouth interlopers into our ancient ancestral lands. And where would they have been without us at Agincourt? Answer me that!
  7. Well, when I was a kid we had a bath once a week whether we needed it or not. On Friday mornings for PE there were often kids with muddy knees from Monday afternoons rugby. Both statements are true. I also used to work for a company with a major office in Glasgow - so had a few trips up there. I survived.
  8. You forgot rum, and I've managed to stay off the cleaning products for a few months now. I blame a trip to Scotland last year for acquiring that habit.
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