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  1. Amazing Grace - film of the Aretha Franklin gospel concert.
  2. Finally, a pay-per-view idea that I could really get behind.
  3. The Serpent. Slowish scene setting couple of first episodes, but tension soon builds.
  4. The Hill My favourite Sean Connery film, or tied with The Man Who Would Be King. Don't think I've see it since I was a kid, when it had a big impact on me. Nice camera work. Paul McCartney at the Cavern Club Spiral Last ever series of the flic-nor starts tonight. Edit: Still so good. Auntie Beeb has all previous series on iPlayer now. May have to go through them all again if lockdown continues.
  5. Have you got a reservation?
  6. Enjoyed that sneak peek. I remember the days when someone taking a photo/cinefilm was infrequent enough to be an 'event' so people goofed around for the photo.
  7. And I can here JT's response in kind:- . . . And I-I-I will always be the man who loves you-oo-oo, always
  8. Heard about this via work, but the link seems to work for external viewing too. Hosted by Nile Rogers. A mixed bunch, but featuring Florence Welch @ 18 min Roger Dalton & Paul Weller @ 49 min Robert Plant @ 55 min Neil Young @ 58 min (Sugar Mountain) James Dean Bradfield @ 1 hour 4 min Simple Minds @ 1 hour 9 min Freya Ridings @ 1 hour 33 min Rod Stewart @ 1 hour 50 min and a couple of Chic songs of course https://www.lsegissuerservices.com/spark/stars-come-out-to-sing-nordoff-robbins-music-therapy P.S. Donate if you can.
  9. A suitable word could be: precis ?
  10. Maybe can appropriate the Welsh word 'hiraeth' which sort of sums up similar feelings.
  11. LOL I can just hear our Graham doing the voice over and Cilla wishing you a lorra lorra love.
  12. Diolch yn fawr. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM4mIlYKG9s
  13. What's the Welsh connection? (The flag - I am Welsh). Wales v England tomorrow and the omens are not good.
  14. No, thank you, or should I say, ta.
  15. Emmylou Maria McKee Poly Styrene Aimee Mann Eddi Reader Cerys Matthews My wife knows about Emmylou, but don't tell her about the rest.
  16. Or even ... Common Humanity Initiative National Unified Population Common Humanity Initiative National Unity Project/Programme Community Healing Initiative ... I could go on ...
  17. Yes I was taking that as a given (like I would have taken knowing what a chain gang was as a given - which I thought was a bit strange having to explain), but it's still better if there is an N word. Still shaking it here Boss
  18. "C.H.I.N. U.P. Initiative which is an idea that he woke up with. Common Human Initiative Unified People" Isn't that missing an N word, if you pardon the expression. My copy writer suggests:- Common Human Initiative Needing Unified Population Also, Chain Gang was one of only a handful of records in my house as a young kid, so that's nice.
  19. Watching Trump now reminds me of watching Comical Ali from the time of the Gulf War. Clearly absolutely delusional. From this side of the water the saddest thing is how no one has stood up to him from decent Republicans. That reminds me of the rise of the Nazi party. Thankfully it should be all over soon and history won't quite repeat that part. Putting aside the out and out nutters, there's got to be an almighty effort to do something for and win back ordinary people who voted for Trump who believe they are missing out. It's not party time for the liberals now - which in my opinion is what happened when Obama was elected. He said all the right things but was asleep at the wheel and spent more time curating his iPod music lists that making a real difference. He had the rest of his life for retirement - that should have been 8 years of wartime-like effort right there but he left having made little difference - with the same incidents of police shootings under his watch, for example. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vC5UTUAxgpE
  20. Borat II - It was definitely very patchy and at times just uncomfortable rather than funny, but some decent guffaws. The Rudy scene has been puffed up into something it probably wasn't, though he did come across as a bit patronising/sleezy. I did think the covid 'twist' at the end was quite nicely done, and THAT OLD LADY IN THE SYNAGOGUE WAS JUST MAGNIFICENT! (made the whole film worthwhile). Also, did you hear that whilst Borat I was banned, for Borat II the Kazakh Tourist Board have now adopted 'Very Nice!' as their new slogan. If you can't beat them, join them. Earlier Re: How Green Was My Valley - I should watch that to see just how bad the Welsh accents are - chwarae teg look you now boyo. EDIT. Talking about Rudy, he is one of the talking heads in the 3 part The Trump Show just shown on BBC. Just when you couldn't believe things could be any more comic/tragic, a parade of ex-administration insiders lift the lid a bit more.
  21. "I want to make something loud and joyous, and a sonic event that will be glorious" - JT Ta.
  22. Just in case you thought it would only be possible in some kind of alternative reality
  23. Of course, apologies. I drive past the tree where he ended his days from time to time. Usually a few ribbons and whatnot attached to it.
  24. Still space for one more mystery guest on the Gnome Stool. Since reading Lotti's post I have had an acoustic version of Via Chicago in my head with lilting bongo accompaniment. It works pretty well I think. And if bongos were good enough for Mark Bolan and Hendrick at Woodstock then who is to knock them? Edit: Funny what you can stumble upon in a few spare minutes:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incredible_Bongo_Band as mixed by John Lennon apparently, and whose first album is "one of the musical cornerstones of rap. While it’s hard to measure these things accurately, it is certainly one of the most sampled LP’s in history, if not the most sampled":- https://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/29/arts/music/29herm.html?ex=1163739600&en=de184a3330f1af11&ei=5070
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