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  1. The Hammersmith Odeon used to have a bit of a mystique/legendary status about it. Probably due to the number of live albums recorded there and seeing its name week after week in the music press whilst growing up, miles away from London. Now, in the 21st century, in an ever shrinking world, a 2/3 hour trip to London to see a band is far easier now than it used to be. The constant changing of name has no doubt contributed to it losing the legendary status. There was a big stink when the first change took place from Odeon to Carling Apollo. I have lost count of the times it's changed its name sin
  2. That is a fair few OTJ songs. Nice use of ‘blathering’ by the way.
  3. I think she got it wrong as Jeff mentioned it was his/their longest song, so she went back home and searched on iTunes or Spotify for the longest song. However, Remember the Mountain Bed is listed under Billy Bragg & Wilco! Rookie error! I think it was her who I saw asking for the set list at the stage at the end. She didn’t look like your typical fan.
  4. This appeared on The Barbican’s twitter feed. I get the feeling that her knowledge of Jeff and Wilco is gleaned wholly from the Wikipedia and other sites. https://youtu.be/t5VpJ8IMbpw
  5. The review of someone who's not used to missing four consecutive US shows. A great read Sir!
  6. There were two different sources uploaded to Dime following the Dublin show, I assume both have dropped off the tracker due to extended period of inactivity. Not sure if I downloaded either.
  7. Isn't it this Philly show from 2003 that has Jim O'Rourke guesting on a couple? http://wilcobase.com/event.php?event_key=702
  8. I may as well post this as I've just finished off preparing my torrent for future upload. All in all excellent festival closing set from the Tweedy Band w/ Jeff & assorted friends. Roll on 2017.... 1. hazel 2. fake fur coat 3. diamond light pt.1 4. flowering 5. world away 6. new moon 7. summer noon 8. honeycombed 9. desert bell 10. high as hello 11. wait for love 12. love like a wire 13. low key 14. nobody dies anymore 15. remember the mountain bed 16. please tell my brother 17. summerteeth 18. pecan pie 19. the ruling class 20. chinese
  9. Much prefer the first one to the second. To my ears the first has shades of mid period a Teenage Fanclub b-side/e.p. track and the second has some slight REM going on in there somewhere. Didn't get any Mould/Huskers at all. Thanks..
  10. huh, s'pose you're right. All down to me rushing to get the complete setlist in after an incomplete one was posted earlier. Slow and steady wins every time then...
  11. The second recording of this show on Dime is great. Really captures the mood.
  12. I wouldn't mind just one show in England. Been a long time since 2011.
  13. The Wilco set lists page suggests this show to have had a really short set compared to previous Tweedy shows and the one played last night in Glasgow. Updated setlist info thanks to upload on Dime. Tweedy Band 01. Nobody Dies Anymore 02. Hazel 03. Fake Fur Coat 04. Diamond light Pt. 1 05. Flowering 06. Summer Noon 07. World Away 08. Grafton St banter 09. New Moon 10. Pigeons (with false start) 11. Desert Bell 12. Banter-Band Intro 13. High As hello 14. Banter 15. Wait for love 16. Banter - Intro to Diane Izzo cover 17. Love Like A Wire (Diane Izzo) 18. Banter 19. Low Key
  14. As someone else on here once said, here is the complete set lists as played... Nobody Dies Anymore Hazel Fake Fur Coat Diamond Light Pt.1 Flowering Summernoon World Away New Moon Honeycombed Desert Bell High As Hello Wait For Love Love Like A Wire Low Key *I Am Trying To Break Your Heart *New Madrid *Remember The Mountain Bed *One Wing *Via Chicago *Forget The Flowers *Woodgrain *Spiders (Kidsmoke) *Please Tell My Brother *Jesus etc *I'm The Man Who Loves You Encore Please Don't Let Me Be So Understood Only The Lord Knows You're Not Alone The Losing End California Stars * solo acoustic
  15. Looking forward to tonight's Glasgow show. Hopefully no brawling locals this time.
  16. I went to and recorded all three shows. They used to be my favourite band growing up but I've not loved them too much since the late 90's when my tastes started to change and a certain Chicago based band pricked my interest. These shows were just a breath of fresh air and despite the sets not changing anything like the recent Wilco shows they managed to pull off three great gigs. Sunday was great, Monday less so but Tuesday was just wonderful. i haven't seen Robert so happy and talkative as he was at these. The Top songs were great, throw in a never played before b-side and some other deep cut
  17. Glad the band have some exposure in a UK daily but disgusted it's The S*n.
  18. Hasn't Jeff played it solo a couple of times? Quite slow and just really the first half of the song.
  19. I was only attempting to dilute further from "Thank you for everything" and "ta...."
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