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  1. Yay. i just saw the Auckland announcement I was waiting for! Too bad only one NZ show but the Power Station is a good venue, I saw most of Wilco play there for Seven worlds collide in '09:)
  2. Yay, that gives me more hope they'll do the jump across to NZ next year as well! If they don't I might have to make travel plans to Byron Bay:)
  3. I've never purposely listened to TS yet listening to this version makes my brain keep expecting her voice to kick in for some reason! I think it's kind of dull but then it's possible I'm just still disappointed by the RA show I went to this year which bored me to tears, (guess I'd been listening to the live at Carnegie awesomeness too much, of which there was none).
  4. I love Glen Hansard, he's probably my second favourite live performance ever after Wilco, (kicked ass and blew my mind back in 2013 with the Frames and Lisa Hannigan) His new album Didn't He Ramble was released yesterday and I've been enjoying the beautiful quality of his voice and way his songs build from tender to powerful crescendos. Didn't realize until I was googling just now that some of it was recorded in the loft and found this video showing lots of loft glimpses... http://www.avclub.com/article/glen-hansard-offers-peek-his-process-video-her-mer-225520 no Wilco members I could see bu
  5. Hey thanks froggie. Yeah I guess they must be from '03 since Leroy left in '04 and the only time they were ever in NZ prior to '08, was the 2003 Big Day Out. Is your YHF the more like the moon version too? Intriguing how it ended up in the record store now though, in my mind the story most likely involves a disgruntled or oblivious ex boy/girlfriend! I hate to think what my philistine family would do with all my Wilco paraphernalia - cd's, books, drumstick, guitar pick, setlists, posters etc
  6. So I got pretty excited to find this signed yhf in the record store yesterday, (Real Groovy in Auckland, NZ) I'm pretty sure those are legit Jeff, John, Glen and Leroy signatures right? It's also the bonus EP edition, I'm not sure if that's why it doesn't have the title written on the front but otherwise it looks exactly the same as the normal version. I found a few other gems in the sale bin too, which makes me a bit sad that they're not sufficiently appreciated and were only $4 and $5 each, $17 for the signed one, anyway, I'm bragging;)
  7. Nice, glad you're enjoying:) I've probably played the same station from album, and station from artist or specific song, (Undertaker!). Which is great and when it plays a song I really love/ unknown artist I save it to my 'saved from radio' playlist to look them up later as well. What I mean though was from the 'discover' feed where spotify offers songs and artists based on what I've listened to, as far as I can tell if I click any it just plays the one song then stops which is a pain to go back and clicky another instead of just playing through the list for me. I just realized it really is ki
  8. Oh, I was wondering how the artists fare through spotfy but have been too busy/lazy to do any research:/ I've had the premium for about six months and love the aspect of being able to search through a back catalogue so easily, and I like reading the bios too. I've used the discover a lot and similar artist or song stations as well as made some playlists available offline, the one feature I miss is being able to start a discover radio station, I would listen to a lot more of the recommendations if it would keep going without having to select each one. I don't think I've been getting maximum val
  9. Not til tomorrow night either but I'm leaving soon to drive five hours tow see M Ward! I was complaining that he was playing in Australia and not coming to NZ (ie JTE last time) but then the NZ shows were announced:)
  10. So this is an interesting concept... http://clemsnide.com/eef-on-eldorado/ basically for $8 a month subscription get a monthly 3-5 song EP and 2 tickets to any show plus every new release. Or for only $200 will write you a song, $1000 to co write an EP you own rights of.
  11. my new obsession this week, instigated by my ongoing Daniel Johnston obsession from last week I'd heard the name but disregarded it til now, I thought it was a guy not a band, didn't know it involved Eef Barzalay who's Ballad of bitter honey I loved five years ago but for some reason never followed up on, probably distracted by Wilco, but I should have. So I've gone in a big circle from their Johnston cover of Don't let the sun go down on your greivances to find their old song which is I guess is about Daniel Johnston, Yip Jump Music, " I heard you wearing worried shoes And they're too tig
  12. I totally understand that reaction too. It's definitely sad and disturbing to see him struggling and shaking, overweight, dribbling and chain smoking etc and I really dislike the thought that he's only 'famous' because of the mental health stigma, that the fuss is out of pity and it's some kind of in joke. But then I don't like to think he should be disregarded out of prejudice either. I'm still thinking about that and also the dilemma of whether it's the psych issues that make him talented or what he could be if he wasn't 'crazy'... if he had a better voice and looked cooler he'd be amazing I
  13. Haha I love his passion through Speeding Motorcycle "Lets Goooo, ahhoooo yeah" lol, and he sounds so exhausted at the end. He's really growing on me a lot the more I listen and know the tunes a bit. So many great collabs and covers out there too, Sufjan Stevens, Bright Eyes and my favourite find of the day was M. Wards Story of an Artist, so good! I also found out he was just in New Zealand for Laneway festival in february, although i probably wouldn't have gone anyway because I was anticipating Wilco
  14. Having a little obsession the last few days! A friend actually put an album of his on my ipod a few years ago, I listened and thought it was ok, some great lyrics but not the most soothing beautiful voice so I never got too excited or paid too much attention, I knew about and much preferred Jeff's version of True love will find you in the end:). Then I just watched the movie "The devil and Daniel Johnston" and became more intrigued and have been watching lots of youtube clips etc, and found some links to other stuff I love, I didn't know my favourite song from "Where the wild things are", Worr
  15. I'm a sucker and couldn't resist the Welly set list, (to go with my Aucks one) and supposedly Jeffs guitar pick on trademe
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