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  1. Ode To Joy rated 9/10 in the latest Uncut Magazine. The review contains the intriguing line "If Being There was Wilco's Born To Run, this is their Nebraska.
  2. I thought it was a great show. And you are right about the sound. It was crystal clear. One Wing and Bull Black Nova were just super. Thanks for the review bbop. Enjoy the rest...
  3. Ain't No Chimneys in the Poor Places Another Lonely Hummingbird
  4. Someone Else's Christmas Song How to Fight the Christmas Blues
  5. Sorry about that... how about these? Got You Flowers You Are My Everything
  6. Everlasting Monday is brilliant. A few more... Say You Wanna Live Why Would You Miss Me Lonely Soul
  7. Treasure Locator Bob Dylan's Joke Explained
  8. Pickled Queen The Unwelcome Candyfloss
  9. Hi. A couple of reviews of Brixton. I travelled over from Dublin for it. A real treat. https://blackcountryrock.co/2016/11/20/wilco-brixton-academy-london-19-november-2016/ https://www.ft.com/content/c11df1f2-afea-11e6-9c37-5787335499a0
  10. Yeah, The National also played at Live at the Marquee in Cork last year. It would be great to see Wilco there too. The Marquee is as good a tent venue as you'll get in Ireland.
  11. He's in luck. The Iveagh Gardens on 10th July. As good an outdoor venue as you'll get in Ireland.
  12. Hi. Has anyone heard or read any rumours of Wilco coming to Europe later this year?
  13. Hi. My first time posting here prompted a real treat last night. They were in great form. I'd seen them in London but this was better I think. Cracking version of Diamond Light among others and the solo set was brilliant. My Dad said, "It's hard to beat one man and a guitar when it's that good". Jeff's banter with the audience was very funny and included criticising their "amateur whistling" and inviting us all to boo them as the band weren't "needy". Venue is super but was nowhere near sold out which made last night that bit more intimate. I've been to two great sold out and fai
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