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  1. Agree. Also the I'll Sing It and Locator riffs showing up was really cool as well.
  2. Two for Birmingham, three for the Fox Atlanta show, and one for Asheville. I can't wait!
  3. Has anyone seen a presale password? Also, some of the listings between venues on Ticketmaster and the Wilco site are different, as is the presale date.
  4. My thoughts on this, is that he is probably right. I have seen plenty of things that could seem like Jeff Tweedy was an asshole... at one point in his life. But the man has aged. He has fought addiction and recovery, having kids, and almost losing his wife. I think it's a safe bet that he is definitely not the same man that Jay knew, which brings me back to this. This seems like a pointless rehash. I've had friends that were assholes in our younger days. I don't still think of them like that 20 years later. Yes the situation sucked for you, but it was also twenty years ago with someone you don't know anymore. I'm not saying get over it, but I am saying let it be and move on.
  5. I went to both nights of that Atlanta run. The second was definitely better. Jeff made a comment about how lame the crowd was the first night.
  6. Now that we have some confirmation of this tour, what do you guys think the sets will be like? Still have Star Wars as an opener? I loved seeing it the first time, but I hope we get full sets with those songs peppered throughout.
  7. I listened to You Satellite and More from it. It sounds pretty clean. I have the Redmond roadcase downloaded and the quality is pretty close, minus that one guy going "YEA, GO NELS!" after every song like on the Redmond set.
  8. I went into my local store yesterday to pick up the vinyl, and lo and behold they had the white vinyl! Very cool find and am glad to add another live show to my Wilco catalogue!
  9. Try using Chrome if you have it I had better results than in Safari. One for each night in Atlanta!
  10. Has anyone mentioned this yet? This seems like it would be a pretty cool thing to fly up for. There are special VIP tickets as well, but I can't find information anywhere on what that affords you? Anybody else have any info?
  11. Oh awesome thank you so much! Yea i love that list so far and have been trying to find them all. What's cool is I was definitely at the Chastain park show. My first Wilco concert and it was beautiful. Halfway through the set it started pouring if I remember correctly.
  12. I'd love to go considering tomorrow is my birthday AND i just happen to be flying to Chicago for the weekend! What are the odds?
  13. Any thoughts on where I could pick up that live show? I'd be very interested to hear it!
  14. Hey guys! I was hoping to get some help with a little project that I want to put together, inspired from Wilco playing the full Star Wars album this tour. I'd like to compile the best versions of every song from Sky Blue Sky to make a "live" version of the album for myself. Here's where you guys come in. If you have a favorite version of a song, and perhaps a link too, if possible, it would be amazing to get this ball rolling. As always, a discussion is more than welcome to hear why you think it's the best version. Thanks everyone!
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