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  1. Bettie Serveert "Palomine" was/is a great album
  2. UPDATE 8/30: From Stefano Frollano PSA Collection 0 Canterbury 1968 1 Riverboat 1969 2 Fillmore 1970 3 Massey Hall 1971 4 Time Fades Away II 1973 5 Rainbow 1973 6 Doom Tour 1974 7 Hammersmith/Budokan 1976 8 Boarding House 1978 9 Trans Tour 1982 10 Int Harv/Grey Riders 1985 11 Bluenotes 1988 12 Dreamin Man 1992
  3. Oops! My mistake. I guess I should ask myself what relevance my post has!!!
  4. What is the relevance of this comment? I don't think this song was on Via before bcdoc posted it. What is the current protocol for posts on Via? All music news: 1 week or less? All Radiohead news: 24 hours or less?
  5. I thought we received a free download when we purchased the dvd on White Boy Day.
  6. Yes! Only Bruce would be brave enough to sing into a live mic for a video, instead of lip-synching to the song. Powerful stuff.
  7. You hurt me baby I flinch so when you do Your kisses scourge me Hyssop in your perfume Oh, I do not fear you And slave I only use As a word to describe the special way I feel for you You look like me And I look like no one else We need no other As long as we have ourselves But I won't cry about it Every time you get obsessed Every time I came undressed All ugly thoughts are gone I'm sure we'll all be friends I'll try to break your back You'll try to make amends Curse softly to me baby And smother me in your love Temptation comes not from hell but from above And there's blood on my teeth When I
  8. Actually laughed out loud when I read this post. Just to clarify. Laughed out loud when I read this post. Sorry.
  9. Is Best Buy even selling this? They don't have it on their website. However, they do have Check Your Head, which is coming out 3/10/09.
  10. Black out the windows It's party time You know how I love stormy weather So let's all play suicide
  11. Totally agree. Overall, it's a strong album, but starting with, "I'll Work for Your Love" it's terrific.
  12. O'brien mixed and produced the last three Bruce albums. He also has mixed and produced the upcoming album.
  13. No love for the Gutter Twins "Saturnalia"?
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