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  1. Hey LouieB! I'm from Barcelona, I'll be in chicago in may and I want so say thank you for all your information! Just one question, do you know some locations for Wilco fans? I don't want to know the direction of The Loft, just if you know some favorite restaurants, guitar sotes, record stores of Wilco members. Or any places that appear on Wilco lyrics... Thanks for your help and sorry for my english, it's so bad.
  2. Hello Wilco fans! I'm from Barcelona and i'll be in Chicago for 3 days. Wilco is my favourite band and i'ts exciting to visit Chicago! Any local guys can name some places to visit for a Wilco obsessed? Some restaurants, music stores, any location important for the band! For now, i'll visit Marina City and i'll be searching the Loft! Anything else? Thank you very much. V.
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