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  1. I really enjoyed that particular live version of the song. I looked all over streaming and it seems to be gone, as well as through my own files. Can't seem to buy it anywhere anymore either. Thanks in advance! One Sunday Morning (Song for Jane Smiley's Boyfriend) (12-12-11 Civic Opera House, Chicago, IL) - "One Sunday Moring (Live) - EP" iTunes only EP
  2. So here is my list, and I am sure people will definitely disagree with my order haha. But I have arranged them in order of replay ability. At least to my ears. So the number one album is the most played, while the number 10 is the album I have the most trouble playing on a whim. I love every Wilco album, I just prefer a record that I can digest in one sitting, or on a car ride. So that's me! Here is my list, 1 being my favorite, and 10 being my least favorite (which is still epic cause it's Wilco. Duh.) 1. Being There ( I listen to this album the most often for sure. I get in the car, realiz
  3. My younger sister has told me that "Heavy Metal Drummer" is the only song she likes by Wilco. I've never gotten around to making her a mix.
  4. I read this somewhere and agreed with it completely. "Someone asked me about Wilco and I gave this explanation. There are these good bands and I really like them, then there are these great bands and I love them. Then there's Wilco, and I listen to them and it just settles in my soul."
  5. The digital album from Google Play Music says it'll be released September 9th. They could still surprise everyone and gift it... but I dunno if they'd do that 2 years in a row. Edit: For those that prefer to listen before they buy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzLZtj-twXQ
  6. Also found a sample on Napster. http://fi.napster.com/artist/wilco/album/if-i-ever-was-a-child/track/if-i-ever-was-a-child
  7. Yeeeeeeees! 2016 just got 100% better! I Googled the first track, "Normal American Kids" and saw that Jeff Tweedy played that at Todos Santos Music Festival 2016. http://bit.ly/29RGIKz . Jeff also played If I Ever Was a Child/ Cry All day during the Vic performance on May 13th.
  8. I was looking through my cars CD's before I left for school, and tried to decide which album to listen to while drudging through traffic. After passing on a few Phish albums, I saw Star Wars at the bottom of the stack. I put it in, and smiled. My opinion when the album came out almost a year ago was meh. Now I actually rather enjoy it. In my opinion I feel like (because of its length) it's more of an EP. At least in my brain. But I do enjoy the album. It feels like a whole different Wilco than I've ever heard. With the odd titles and interesting lyrics, the album is almost whimsical. And si
  9. I've occasionally seen and heard negative opinions on the Wilco Album. I'm just curious as to why you feel that way? It's certainly not their worst album, in my opinion. First of course, this album was my very first Wilco album. My father was always trying to get me into Wilco, but I wasn't really interested. So one day at the library, I saw Wilco (The Album) under new releases. I grabbed it for my dad, hoping to surprise him. He had no idea a new album was even out. While waiting for him to come home, I decided to listen to the album. I fell in love instantly! And the rest of the night was sp
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