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  1. It’s a sculpture in a park in a small town in the Metro Kansas City area called Parkville.
  2. Thank you! I finally got a picture with the sun out!
  3. Near the end of 2021, Kevin was offered an amazing opportunity to have one of his most popular songs (& one of my favorites) used in a wonderful commercial for a very large corporation. He saw it as an opportunity to make some very generous donations to several very deserving non-profit organizations both locally and in other cities. I wanted to do something special for him to commemorate the occasion so I commissioned David Adams of our Wilco ASITA Fan Group to make these beautiful stained glass creations replicating the cover of the Beautiful Strangers 7” issued as a RSD exclusive back i
  4. Little known fact, Kevin Morby actually sings some background vox on Pretty Pimpin' for Kurt!
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