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  1. Oh...I definitely will remember her as well and when she appears than I'll turn her over the the Shot in Arm popo! I've searched for her and I will find her! Just like Daniel Day Lewis in The Last of the Mohicans! I WILL FIND HER!
  2. Well, Let me share some insight concerning the obnoxious couple at the Jeff Tweedy, Dallas Sunday show at The Majestic! I have intimate knowledge...Why? I was the guy sitting next to them on row F, seat 11 and 12 along with a buddy. (His 1st Jeff Tweedy solo acoustic show) They were in seats 9 & 10...and were couple in there mid 30's from Houston. They drove up for the show and were heading to Austin for the Monday show. I know this because when they arrived right before Buck Meek....they were very loud and bragging about sneaking in 3 flask of vodka. Telling anyone that would listen
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