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  1. My candidate for best first post ever. Welcome aboard!
  2. Nope. I didn't actually shoot the video, just posted the link from Youtube. I was in the balcony Saturday night. You must have been right up front!
  3. Brian, You did a terrific job recording the show. We are fortunate to have people like you and chitaper to help us relive the magic!
  4. This show felt more like an "event' than a concert Met lots of awesome, friendly VCers in line Nels is a guitar god...Pat is hilarious and was terrific trading leads with Nels on HV This was the most energetic I have seen the entire group Jeff smiled alot and seemed to be enjoying playing for the "hometown crowd" ("I don't have to tell you what to do!") Hotel Arizona was a highlight The extra encore was a treat...even Sue Tweedy was whistling for the boys to come back out. Had great seats in the balcony which offered a terrific vantage point. Someone was filming from the edge o
  5. Any chance of someone werkin out the solo at the end (as in the live version?) Thanks!
  6. Be Not So Fearful by Jeff Tweedy originally by Bill Fay Appears on I Am Trying to Break Your Heart" Chords translated by Justin DuBose (whitecloak@charter.net) Strumming in 2/4 (one, two and-a) Leads in with pick-up of [C] [C] [G] Be not so [C]nervous, [G] be not so [C]pale. [G] Someone [C]watches you, [G] you will not [C]fail. [Am] Be not so [D]nervous, be not so [G]pale. [G G/F# Em] [C] Be not so [D]nervous, be not so [G]pale. [G G/F#] [Refrain] [Em] Be not so [C]sorry for [D]what you've done. [High E string fill-in G E F#] [Em] You must [C]forget them now,
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